@lLadySl happy birthday for yesterday! :) 


Hi! I’m currently working on a story that seems to match your interests titled “Love Letters and Literature”. If you wanted to check it out that would be awesome! Thank you :)
          Ps: There is also a book trailer in chapter one.



Hi, sexy! I’m Charlie and I wanna meet a man with wild fantasies.. Write to me! No fee! Let’s have fun! copy


Well hello, and welcome aboard. Thanks for following.
          We all have greatness inside, it's the very essence of who we are and in my stories, it's dying to get out.


Thank you so much for following me!!! Would you mind checking out my stories if you have time? It would mean the world to me :)


can u read my book "meet the bad girl" u dont have to comment if u dont want to but i have a good feeling about my book i hope u see it too. if u have any books ill read, vote and comment
          -xoxo :)