Ew my bio is from five years ago.
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Let us happily fan girl together, shall we?

I love to read on Wattpad, only to read though. I'm not big on writing---
Damn indecisive Pisces...

Also just a straight up daydreamer, my vivid imagination just can't be shut down~
That's why all I read is romance ;)

Sad life..... Forever alone~ (still true after 5 years on WP)

Take a peek at my reading lists if you want some suggestions, I swear all those authors are soooo good! (fan fiction phase was embarrassing. Not gonna go there..) And there's also many I don't put into my lists because then there would be too many~ sorry^
Feel free to also give me recommendations if you stumble across a great book, who doesn't love that!

P.S. I have this kinda judge-y rule about Wattpad books and that is I do not read anything under 1 million reads. I know this might seem harsh to some of the very talented, new authors waiting to be discovered. BUT, there are so many books here I haven't read, I need some way to narrow them down one by one, this also make sure I don't waste time on shitty books I'd rather not go through. And if a book is truly outstanding, it will hit millions of reads with given time, and I will read it then 😇. That is all, no hate, no shade, no tea, just my own reading preference~
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