Sup! I'm Michelangelo, But You Guys Can Call Me Mikey If You Guys Want Too! I Live In The Sewers With My Three Older Brothers, With My Older Sister And A Rat Or Uh- Idk How To Say This To Be Honest... XD, Anyway! My Older Brothers And My Father Names Are Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, My Two Older Sister Are Karai And Starlight, And Master Splinter. My Friends Are Casey, April Spike/Slash, LratherHead, Dr. Rockwell, Pigeon Pete, Mongo, Gecko, And Mona Lisa As We'll. I Also LOVE Pizza Like A Lot!! And I Sometimes Like To Annoy My Brothers Sometimes, But Mostly Raphie...😅
And Yes, I Am A Girl IRL Who Is OBSESSED With The TMNT show.
Also, My Two Favorite Turtles Are Raph And Mikey As We'll.
And My Two Favorite Mutant Animals Are Spike/Slash And LeatherHead As We'll.

And I Just Need To Say One More Thing.... BOOYAKASHA!!!!


Name: Michelangelo
Last name: Hamato
Nickname: Mikey
Birthday: ??? (Birthday IRL Is In next Year)
Age: 15 (I'm 17 IRL)
Species: Mutant-Red-Eared-Slider
Weapon: Kusarigama Nun-Chucks
Team: Ninja Turtles (Aka My Brothers)
Parents: Master Splinter And Tang Shen (Adoptive Parents)
Siblings: Leonardo, Raphael, And Donatello (Older brothers), And Starlight (Older sister)
Enemies: The Shredder, The Kraang, and Villains
Single Or Taken: Taken


~My friends and my family!~
Master Splinter:
Tang Shen:
Leonardo: @Leonardo_Hamato
Raphael: @Raphael_Hamato
Starlight: @StarlightTheTurtle
April: @AprilONeil2012
Twilight Sparkle:
Rainbow Dash: @TmntBeth
My Girlfriend, Pinkie Pie: @Pinkie_Kawaiichan
Starlight Glimmer:
Sunset Shimmer:
Mona Lisa:
My Bestie: @okanuka


~The Fandoms That I'm Into~
TMNT (2012)
Sanders Sides
Gacha Life/Club
Sonic Boom
Sonic X

My YT Channel: LolBit_Playz_LOL
  • With My Girlfriend Pinkie Pie💜
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Are You Guys Okay For Being Shadow, Silver, And Sonic For Being Brothers? Cuz In Totally Okay With It! And It's For My Sonic Boom/Sonic Unleased AU. Shadow And Silver Are The Older Brothers While Son...
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