Hi!!!! It's me Pinkie Pie (Eg)
I have a Account 😊
I love my Mikey-Kun (Mikey)
My Birthday: 18/06/20
Married By 💍:@MikeyHamato_10 💕
Ocupation: Party Planner 💕💗💖🎉🎈
Childrens with Mikey-Kun : Cookie, Max and Liz!~❤
Follow me in Roblox: PinkiesPie_10


Pinkie - Me!~ ❤🎈

Sci-Twi -

Twilight - @TwilySparkleSpanner

Applejack -

Rainbow Dash - @Funny-Gal_-

Fluttershy - @Fluttershy_35

Starlight - @StarGlimm26

Sunset Shimmer - @SunsetShimmer527

Rarity - @RarityOfGenerosity

~Other Friends~

Arnesio - @callmeacoolguy

Clouden Flash - @CloudenArmorFlash26

Shane - @Bakersha1993

Raphael (Mikey's Brother) - @Rapheal_Raph_16

Donnie (Mikey's Brother) - @DonnieHamato_17

Leonardo (Mikey's Brother) - @_Xxx_Leonardo_Xx

Casey - @CaseyJones56

Ninja - @Ninja_Of_The_Dark_-

Elsa - @-Elsa_-

Ben - @BenTennyson443

MoonLight - @RainbowGaming06
  • Canterlot high / With My Senpai~❤ @MikeyHamato_10
  • JoinedMay 20, 2020

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Pinkie_Kawaiichan Pinkie_Kawaiichan Nov 29, 2020 09:38PM
I Changed my profile because now people how @Sci Twi16 or @Raven Queen or someone else? Put Crush about....Well i put Mikey~ ♥️ =3@MikeyHamato_10
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