v谈e谈n谈t谈u谈r谈e谈 i谈n谈t谈o谈 m谈y谈 p谈a谈g谈e谈 a谈t谈 y谈o谈u谈r谈 o谈w谈n谈 r谈i谈s谈k谈鉂

A谈s谈s谈a谈l谈a谈m谈u谈 A谈l谈a谈i谈k谈u谈m谈.h谈e谈y谈y谈y谈y谈.w谈e谈l谈c谈o谈m谈e谈 t谈o谈 m谈y谈 p谈a谈g谈e谈.

t谈h谈e谈r谈e谈 i谈s谈n谈't谈 m谈u谈c谈h谈 a谈b谈o谈u谈t谈 m谈e谈 b谈u谈t谈 s谈i谈n谈c谈e谈 y谈o谈u谈'r谈e谈 h谈e谈r谈e谈, l谈e谈m谈m谈e谈 j谈u谈s谈t谈 s谈a谈y谈 a谈 f谈e谈w谈 w谈o谈r谈d谈s谈.馃槣

A谈L谈L谈A谈H谈 F谈I谈R谈S谈T谈!!!馃晪

i谈 a谈m谈 m谈e谈..n谈o谈t谈 y谈o谈u谈..j谈u谈s谈t谈 m谈e谈..a谈l谈l谈 m谈e谈..b谈l谈u谈e谈 i谈s谈 b谈a谈e谈e谈e谈e谈馃挋..b谈o谈o谈k谈s谈 o谈v谈e谈r谈 m谈o谈v谈i谈e谈s谈..s谈h谈y谈, i谈 t谈h谈i谈n谈k谈..i谈 l谈o谈v谈e谈 s谈t谈o谈r谈i谈e谈s谈, p谈o谈e谈m谈s谈, q谈u谈o谈t谈e谈s谈 a谈n谈d谈 a谈n谈y谈t谈h谈i谈n谈g谈 w谈o谈r谈d谈y谈,l谈o谈l谈..i谈 l谈o谈v谈e谈 r谈e谈a谈d谈i谈n谈g谈 a谈n谈d谈 w谈r谈i谈t谈i谈n谈g谈..d谈r谈o谈p谈 b谈y谈 o谈n谈 t谈h谈e谈7t谈h谈馃帀馃巵.. i谈'm谈 n谈o谈t谈 c谈o谈m谈p谈l谈i谈c谈a谈t谈e谈d谈, p谈r谈o谈b谈a谈b谈l谈y谈 j谈u谈s谈t谈 h谈a谈r谈d谈e谈r谈 t谈o谈 u谈n谈d谈e谈r谈s谈t谈a谈n谈d谈..i谈 c谈a谈n谈't谈 a谈n谈d谈 w谈o谈n谈't谈 c谈h谈a谈n谈g谈e谈 m谈y谈s谈e谈l谈f谈 f谈o谈r谈 a谈n谈y谈o谈n谈e谈 t谈h谈a谈t谈 d谈o谈e谈s谈n谈't谈 t谈r谈y谈 t谈o谈 s谈e谈e谈 t谈h谈a谈t谈 j谈u谈s谈t谈 l谈i谈k谈e谈 e谈v谈e谈r谈y谈o谈n谈e谈 e谈l谈s谈e谈 o谈n谈 t谈h谈i谈s谈 e谈a谈r谈t谈h谈, i谈'm谈 h谈u谈m谈a谈n谈 a谈n谈d谈 i谈'm谈 b谈o谈r谈n谈 t谈o谈 e谈r谈r谈..

i谈 t谈h谈i谈n谈k谈 t谈h谈a谈t谈 s谈h谈o谈u谈l谈d谈 b谈e谈 i谈t谈!
H谈M谈U谈 i谈f谈 y谈o谈u谈 w谈a谈n谈t谈 t谈o谈 b谈e谈 f谈r谈i谈e谈n谈d谈s谈馃 b谈u谈t谈 d谈o谈n谈't谈 b谈e谈 d谈i谈s谈a谈p谈p谈o谈i谈n谈t谈e谈d谈馃槈

o谈h谈 a谈n谈d谈 i谈'm谈 B谈a谈t谈u谈l谈a谈, n谈i谈c谈e谈 t谈o谈 m谈e谈e谈t谈 y谈o谈u谈馃槝

C谈O谈N谈G谈R谈A谈T谈U谈L谈A谈T谈I谈O谈N谈S谈馃コ!!! i谈 s谈u谈c谈c谈e谈e谈d谈e谈d谈 i谈n谈 w谈a谈s谈t谈i谈n谈g谈 y谈o谈u谈r谈 t谈i谈m谈e谈 o谈r谈 m谈a谈y谈b谈e谈 y谈o谈u谈'r谈e谈 j谈u谈s谈t谈 l谈o谈o谈k谈i谈n谈g谈 f谈o谈r谈w谈a谈r谈d谈 t谈o谈 t谈h谈e谈 e谈n谈d谈 o谈f谈 m谈y谈 s谈u谈r谈u谈t谈u谈!

a谈n谈d谈 p谈l谈e谈a谈s谈e谈 g谈u谈y谈s谈, n谈o谈 m谈o谈r谈e谈 r谈e谈a谈d谈i谈n谈g谈 r谈e谈q谈u谈e谈s谈t谈s谈 .i谈 h谈a谈v谈e谈 a谈 l谈o谈t谈 o谈f谈 t谈h谈o谈s谈e谈 a谈t谈 t谈h谈e谈 m谈o谈m谈e谈n谈t谈馃檹

c谈h谈e谈c谈k谈 o谈u谈t谈 m谈y谈 M谈O谈N谈 B谈A谈B谈E谈S谈S谈S谈 馃憣馃挅馃敟 r谈e谈a谈d谈i谈n谈g谈 l谈i谈s谈t谈 a谈n谈d谈 r谈e谈a谈d谈 m谈y谈 f谈r谈i谈e谈n谈d谈s谈' b谈o谈o谈k谈s谈 i谈f谈 y谈o谈u谈'r谈e谈 i谈n谈 n谈e谈e谈d谈 o谈f谈 a谈 g谈o谈o谈d谈 b谈o谈o谈k谈.i谈 p谈r谈o谈m谈i谈s谈e谈 t谈h谈e谈y谈'l谈l谈 b谈e谈 w谈o谈r谈t谈h谈 y谈o谈u谈r谈 t谈i谈m谈e谈!!!
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EID MUBARAK GUYS! 鉂も潳鉂. I'm tired but abeg you guys should stay safe! I'm not feeling this thing and if you are ehnn.....you're not madd but come and share your secret with a sister in need! 鈾Batul...
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