Well Hello there Darlings! You all probably know me by my other account @Todoroki_Shoto1203 

This is a shared account with two of my friends, TimTam and Lon (also known as Grandma). You all can call me Mom, Sho, Crispy or Crispy Critter. We decided to make this account for Gay purposes. That's right! More gay books in reading lists as well as gay writing from the both of us when I actually get the inspiration to do so XD

Our fandoms(and writing options) are:

Percy Jackson!
Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero)
Yuri!!! On Ice
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Demon Slayer
Tokyo Ghoul(me and Lon)
Death Note(me)
Ouran High School Host Club
And many, many more!

We hope to bring you lots of gay and you all can probably tell that im trying to limit my language as much as possible im having a struggle help me-
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Story by TimTam and Crispy
The Tokyo Raid//A Villain BakuDeku AU// by Where_The_Gay_Goes
The Tokyo Raid//A Villain BakuDeku...
Katsuki and his husband had a pretty normal life. Well, as normal as it could get. Katsuki was a high ranked...