Hello! My name is Treacherous Rex but most people call me T-Rex, Rex, or Rexie! However I have many nicknames so feel free to call me whatever you like! I love to read and write but most people known me for my overly excited and talkative attitude! I am also a HUGE fangirl and it can get pretty bad! Anyways, I like to do many things an oddball teenage girl does. For example: I play a few video games from time to time, I love to study space, I love marine life, but I mainly write because it's it allows me to get all the thoughts that I harbor in my mind out on paper.

My main interest are anything having to do with the Dragon Ball franchise. I am sort of a nutcase for it and it tends to annoy others. So, I am warning you all now.

I love to roleplay but I don't like doing erotic roleplays. So, sorry for all of you out there that like to do so. It just isn't my cup of tea.

As I said before I love anything Dragon Ball so I mainly write fanfics about Dragon Ball. However, I currently have a Slender Brothers fanfiction and a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction on hold at the moment.

Being a fangirl I have many ships however most are from Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh (which should be no surprise). Here are a few of my big ones.
•Vegeta x Freeza
-This ship practically doesn't exist to most and therefor I have found no ship name. So, I personally decided to call their ship Vegeza. That way it can still work for those who spell Freeza with an 'i' instead of two 'e'.
•Gohan x Cell
-This ship doesn't really exist either and also seems to have no ship name. So, I personally call it Cehan.
•Cabba x Frost
-This ship (Frabba) definitely harbors from my Vegeza OTP.
•Goku Black x Chichi
-I have no idea for a ship name to be honest.
• Frost x Hit
-Good old Frit to save the day!
•YamixYugi (Puzzleshipping)
•BakuraxMarik (Thiefshipping)
•MelvinxRyou (Deathshipping)

I hope we can be friends and you enjoy the fanfics I give to you! I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Happy Freeza Day everyone! May you all be blessed with fortune from our glorious emperor! However, if you do no celebrate this glorious holiday, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...
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