Hello. I'm Trash (Gomi if you prefer a nicer name).

My bias is Yoongi, obviously.
My fave ships are YoonKook and Sope.
I really don't like NamJin, unless it's top Seokjin.
I hate bottom Seokjin.
I live for power bottom Yoongi, but top Yoongi is amazing too.
YoonMin, VKook, NamJin, and JiKook are overdone imo, but I'm not against them.
Switch Sope is super cute.

Expensive Girl jokes are overdone and annoying.
Hating on straight couples in gay fics is lame.
Girls are hella cute and not always evil <3

I don't like to write smut, but I'll do it for plot sake and practice in my oneshots.
I think I've been getting better at writing fluff, but I still occasionally practice in my oneshots.
Basically, my oneshots are used as practice and also for short ideas I get.

If you post hateful things on my books (ie: slurs), your comments will be removed. You may post criticism, but outright hate speech will be deleted.

I don't do read requests, and I no longer allow translations.
My theme (profile pic, header, book covers) is courtesy of @airconditionr

(Also, feel free to add me on Steam under the name KingTrash)

Backup account: @JungGooGooGaaGaa
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Trash_4_Yoongi Trash_4_Yoongi 20 hours ago
I'm sorry that I haven't updated in so long. I was taking a break, due to really bad mental health. I'm not feeling fully up to par yet, but I'll be posting an update today in about an hour.
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