This is the ultimate Teen Wolf account. I have always been a fan of the show, but lately I'm not liking how its turning out to be. My Otp is Sterek and Briam. 

I like writing stories although I prefer to write one shots. I also ship Dethan and Scissac and started to recently get into Petopher.

Now before I move on I want to get some stuff straightened out. Stiles is a BOTTOM and always will be. I do not want to get prompts on Top!Stiles because that'll honestly make me gag. Also Scott is a bottom even though he is a true alpha. I can't picture it in my head and therefore makes it really weird to write.

I do have a Teen wolf Tumblr and my URL is TheSterekWolfPack. It's mostly Sterek but is going to turn into a multi-fandom account once Teen Wolf is over. My Twitter name (if you have one) is @baeeee_5.

If you want to talk or have any trouble with your stories or even have a prompt for me you can always message me and I'll answer as soon as possible. Anyway that's enough of me talking and I hope you enjoy and even consider following my account.





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