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I have insta and Tik Tok

Insta user: SharpShooterBrolby

Tik Tok user: SharpShooterBrolby

(All the profile pictures are the same as my watt pad prof. Pic)

🌻 Artists I like 🌻

-Melanie Martinez
-Billie Eillish
-Twenth Øne Pilots
-Imagine Dragons
-Panic! at The Disco
-Fall Out Boy
-My Chemical Romance
-Holleywood Undead
-JT Music
-Alec Benjamin
-Adam Lambert
-Sam Smith
-Jason Derulo
-Get Scared
-Three Days Grace
- ❀ Rachie/れいち ❀
-Maria Mena
-Set it off
-Jack Stauber's Micropop
-Lewis Capaldi
-Chloe Moriondo
-Huron John
-Mother Mother
-Thomas Sanders
More will be added soon..

💮 My name was given to me by my dear friend who I love(no homo bro) 💮

🌸 Fandoms I'm in 🌸

-Sander Sides(YouTube series?)



-Maze Runner(all the movies)

-It hurts(webtoon series)


-My Hero Academia(Anime)

-Attack On Titan(Anime)

More will be added soon..

🐚 Anime's I know/watched/watching 🐚

-My Hero Academia(waiting for season 5)

-Attack On Titan(Rewatching season 3)

-Blue Exorcist(finished watching)

-Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga(finished watching)

-Food Wars(still watching)

-Voltron(finished watching)

-Haikyuu(finished watching waiting for season 3 to go on Netflix)

-Ouron Hugh Host Club(finished watching waiting for season 2)

-Assassinatin Classroom(IT WILL NEVER GET OLD!!!! i cried though if you've watched all of it you would know/understand why)

-No game no life movie(finished watching will probably rewatch it though)

-No Game No Life Series(FINISHED AND WAITING FOR SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!)

More will be added soon...

🥀 Song of the day/week🥀
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I WENT TO HOT TOPIC FoR thE fiRst tiMe and I loved itI got 2 pins(One was Yeet or be greeted the other was Peace was never an option), then I got pop rock gum stuff, and rainbow socks that go up to...
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One-shots book by SharpShooterBrolby
One-shots book
I will be taking requests and making some gay or lesbian one-shots only straight if it be cute ship.
įm gÆÿ by SharpShooterBrolby
įm gÆÿ
There is lgbtqa+ stuff in here so warning for that! all straight ally's and lgbtqa+ members are allowed! =3...
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