The guy in my pfp👆 is Jin from a manga called "Under The Green Light" . ● Second account @SatanWasAnAngel2TT Lists: "G×G" | "Preggo after a One Night Stand " | "She's the Dom". 👇Scroll for some good recs ♡•♡. If you wanna talk about wattpad books or published books, lay it on me. Doesn't always have to be books we can talk about anything and everthing. If you wanna rant to someone I'm here for you, lemme tell you I'm a great listener. If you wanna join a wattpad group on Insta-
My Instagram username (SatanWasAnAngle2)
For absolutely no reason Next time a stranger talks to you when you're alone , just look at them shocked and wisper "you can see me?"
You're welcome 😌
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Guys it's my Birthday. :)  I feel old *_* I wonder when my back will start to hurt. I'm not 70, i promise. It would be cool if I was, I'd be such a cool grandma giving her grandkids Wattpad recs. Why...
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