Hi, everyone!! Thanks for joining me here. I will use this site to upload any documents I'd like to share--character conversations, bonus scenes, and hey...maybe a book at some point. :)

All my work is available on Amazon. This is my job--how I make a living--so I can't upload all the books here for free, sadly. Thank you for understanding.
I do want to be clear about one thing, though. And I apologize if this sounds rude, but it needs to be said. Wattpad it for original content. You are free to take my characters and write something new with them on here, but you cannot take my story and just change the names/title. That's plagiarism. Anyone that uploads my books here without my permission will be reported to a Wattpad ambassador.
Remember, there are thousands of eyes watching, not just me. Please don't do it. <3
Link to all my work---> https://books2read.com/ap/x2BD5x/Penelope-Douglas
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