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[2020 Update] My stance on shipping has changed a little, thanks to some good people. I'm not sure who will even see this but I realized the other day that I still have this account with my previous bio message up and I kind of wanted to change/restate some of the things I've said for the people who DO see.

I, to this day, still don't believe that shipping idols together and pushing it into their face is morally correct-however my reason for thinking this is solely based on the fact that they can't tell you what they actually feel, specifically because they're idols. I used to be 100% against it because I just thought shipping real people was wrong, but now my views have changed and I am not against shipping real people together if they have expressed that they're comfortable with it. What you say and write about someone close to an idol can affect them, positively or negatively. Again, okay-maybe Chanbaek don't actually care! Maybe they laugh about it. But then again, maybe they don't. I, frankly, just want to avoid the latter completely. Why the hell should I chance it at all with writing and indulging in fanfic? I get it. It's fun, it's meant to be harmless, but that's the problem. It's MEANT to be, not that it IS harmless. Until Chanbaek come out and say it themselves that they're okay with this kind of stuff being said to them (when they're not on collars held by SM ent. to indulge in fan service), THEN I will be comfortable writing Chanbaek and shipping them together. However, as of now, we just don't know what they truly feel. And we CAN'T know what they truly feel until they straight up tell us-none of these subliminal messages that fans pick up and show as evidence. Thus, it still stands that I don't think it's right to ship Chanbaek, but I just needed to note this change here so that my reasons are clear (if anyone even bothers to read this).

Hope you're having a good year, thanks and peace,

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