dylan matilda lux <3 

19. 5'4 submissive. boy kisser.

dylan lux is the type of person who would go all out for the people she loves. doesn't matter who it is or the occasion, she's the biggest fan in the crowd with her bubbly personality and child-like is excitement for the small things in life.
she hopes to achieve a life of gracefulness and softness, keeping her hair waist length long and face close to natural, she wants to make her life to be one of a Disney princess and only expects princess treatment. dylan may seem spoiled, bad habits of complaining, pouting with a bit of a bratty attitude do surface from time to time but in all seriousness, she just loves to be a bit of a playful nuisance.
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i wanna come back but i only trust group roleplay accounts to actually roleplay but their only goal is to find their character a romantic partner for some reason 
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