I will be getting back to updating! Sorry for having such a messed up updating schedule. I will try to update at least once a day for this whole week. (Thank you Thanksgiving Break) 


@Merida40  thank you for updating and more grace to continue. 


Hey !♡ 
          I would like to say that I LOVE WARRIOR SISTERS ❤❤❤ 
          Please do continue the book whenever ur free but don't stress urself ❤


Hi Miss Merida  I'am just loving Lady Farley right now.. I jusy can't wait for the next update of the Lady Villainess  But while waiting I will have a reading marathon of your other stories.. Love Lots!!


Hi. I just want you to know that I have read all of your books and I LOVE all of them. I was wondering if you can give me ur opinion on the 2 stories I just posted on Wattpad and how to make them better. I really need someone who is experienced in writing Wattpad stories to give me advices. Thank you‼️‼️‼️


Hi Yuki Lily!!! I'm very fond of ALL your stories and I just want to say thank you for creating stories that help me to keep being inspired in my everyday life. I really haven't found the type of stories I want but when I found your stories, I knew it... THE SEARCH IS OVERRRR. I just want to say that I appreciate you and your stories. Please keep on inspiring many people like me. And also if you would like to, I'm not pressuring you but please update Shaking Heaven: The Phoenix's Silent Cries and other stories too. Thank youuuuu❤️❤️❤️


Thank you very much 


Hello yuki lily, i have a book i really want you to read, it's called "the heirs faded memories." If you have time could you please read it and give me your opinion.


          Hi Lily, I'm a really big fan
          I love your stories!  I was wondering what is your age. And if you don't want to give away the exact number can you tell me what timeline for example tween, early teens, late teens, young adult, early twenties, late twenties, early thirties, late thirties, or older. I love your books and I stan you 


I am a teen