If I could chose one word to describe myself, it would be: Character. I am quite the character. My life is a storybook. I'm just not quite done writing it. It's a novel. Full of cliffhangers and twists. Even cliche moments. Every day is a new chapter. Some ending in tragedy. Ones that bring tears to your eyes and make you feel like you want to die. And other with smiles. That just fill you with joy so that you can't contain your happiness. So many words, paragraphs, and pages. The story is slowly unraveling. I'm the type of person to just wing it. go with the flow. Run so fast you leave your regrets behind. Now I'm rambling. Just like all of you on here i am a writer, And a reader. I came to please. 

Talk to me? I won't bite. I could use a few friends.
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LuciditySilent LuciditySilent Oct 26, 2010 08:54PM
@ChristyLuvsYa like everyones life is a story.  it may not be exciting or tragic, but its your life. its your legacy. live it how you choose and make it worth reading. 
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