I love to write books!! I most likely have more fanfics then original books just because I want to ship every anime boy I see with another. 

I do warn you if ya do read my stories just be aware content can be triggered to some. I don't mean any harm mostly will give warnings before hand just in case. Well then if your ready to read! Visit my slaughterhouse of books!


- Broken Souls Official date: 12/1/22
- Lying Smiles Official date: 12/1/22
- Protective much... Official date: 12/1/22


- My Queen (Jujutsu Kaisen) Sukuita [10 chap.]

- I am your home (Gravity falls) Billdip [20 chap.]

- Nature's Wild Tangerine (Haikyuu!) debatable ship [1-3 Chap.]

- Toman's Willful Omega (Tokyo revengers) Takemichi harem [1-10 chap.]

- Finding You! (Mha) Kiribakudeku [Twoshot]


- His Obsession (Omegaverse) (Haikyuu!) love square [1-7 chap.] ONGOING

- Demon Kings Reincarnated Wife (Haikyuu!) debatable ships [1-4] ONGOING

- ANGELS IN DISGUISE (Kuroko's Basketball) akakuro [1-5 chap.] ONGOING
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Stories by Killa_Okkura
Demon Kings reincarnated Wife  [On Hold] by Killa_Okkura
Demon Kings reincarnated Wife [On...
Hinata was born living in the forest with his family. He was quite lonely so he made friends with animals the...
His obsession(Omegaverse) by Killa_Okkura
His obsession(Omegaverse)
Omegas are disappearing from their home to be away from hungry abusing Alphas and betas. They're escaping som...
Angels in Disguised by Killa_Okkura
Angels in Disguised
Kuroko Tetsuya committed the act of death, but he was alive. Though somewhere else. A red headed demons lords...
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