Eyo! The name's Andy.

I'm a female in some ways of the word but refer to me in any which way, objectify me if you so desire.

He/she/it- is
We/you/they- are

I would like some cheap psychological help, got any recommendations?

Baking a wedding cake is harder than you think.

I watch a lot of sports anime since it's the most amount of action with the least amount of death. R.I.P Daichi tho.

In recent years I've low-key developed an obsession with birds

Apparently that desire to just fucking ~squeeze~ that comes to you when you are overwhelmed with cuteness is because your brain can't process too large amount of cute, so it decides to squeeze, because, it wants to get rid of the thing causing the malfunction, by killing it, straight up murder, and I respect that.

I will 100% make fun of peeps, but no hard feelings.

I have serious problems relating to things.

I'd rather have someone spray me with water than go shopping for groceries.
That has actually happened...Thank you, father.

I make weird comments
Judge me if you want
I don't care

And I
(Shit my dude...)
(all the homo, tho)

If ya can't handel that:
The door is there
Please, let it hit you on your way out.

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The Adventures of Evelyn and Snape
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