Hi I'm Jennji,

english isn't my native language so please forgive me. ;D

I always wanted to make a Comic but never finished one.

Then I got introduced into the Rick and Morty Fandom by a friend of mine.

After obsessing over the show for a while (like a real nerd XD) I found an Interview with Justin Roiland (co-creator of Rick and Morty) and his advise to just create stuff, and not thinking about if it's good or bad or if it makes any scence I started to draw again.

My Rick and Morty fancomic has alot of depressed themes (especially the first "Book")
That's because I'm getting my stuff out of my system through the comic.
(Kinda therapeutic XD That's why I'm kinda jumping through really depressed shit to making fun of it at the same time)

Depression actually isn't funny and to have suicidal thoughts is a severe subject.

I know in some countries it's really hard to get professional help or it's extremely expensive, but there is always someone who wants to listen. Someone you can talk to. Never just swallow it, always talk about it. If it's a chatroom on the internet where other people feel like you or a friend you trust, maybe even your parents or siblings, someone is always there for you.

My Comic is exactly about that, you might think noone believes you and that you have to play someone else and be tough, there is always someone who understands. And there is nothing wrong with beeing yourself, even if that means you're dissapointing someone else. You are you no matter what others say, it's not their life, it's yours and only yours! And crying is alright, you need to cry in order to feel happy again. If you never allow yourself to be sad, you can't be happy!
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