My name is Jayden de Lauren Marquise de La Fayette or Lafayette as it's usually pronounced. I prefer Jayden. I'm 15, twin to Jordyn de Alexandra Marquise de La Fayette or Lafayette.

Or am I Jordyn secretly tricking you? OooooOoooooOOooooo! No, I'm Jayden, just messing with you. I am a girl. Technically demigirl, people just don't always know that for some reason.

Whatever. I'm the prankster of us and Jordyn is the flirt. Of course sometimes we switch places as a joke because... well... we want to have fun.

You should see poor Martha Washington every time we prank her, she's our favorite teacher and gets the most pranks.

Me and Jordyn are gay. I'm demigirl but Jordyn is questioning, they seem to like using they/them pronouns so call them by that. Okay?

Also, mess with me, Jordyn, or our brother Georges and ooooooh, you gon' get it!
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