I'm 4 years old.

My mommy is @Charlie_Lee. My mommy cries a lot. I'm worried for her. I-I have to go.

Mommy's crying again and this time it's worse then ever this time!

Uh oh! It's t-the bad man!


Charlie Lee: @Charlie_Lee
Sami Seabury: @Sami-Seabury
Queen Georgia III: OPEN
George Washington: OPEN
Benedict Arnold: OPEN
Georgie Washington: @Georgie-Washington
Jane Laurens: @MamaTurtle4427
Alexandra Hamilton: OPEN
Hera Mulligan: OPEN
Marie-Leah Lafayette: OPEN
Elijah Schuyler: OPEN
Adam Schuyler: OPEN
Peyton Schuyler: OPEN
Angie Hamilton Jr: @_Angie_Hamilton_Jr_
Theodosia Bartow Burr Sr: OPEN
Theodosia Burr Jr: @Dear_Theodosia
Eliza Holly Hamilton: @EIiza_HoIIy_Hamilton
Philip Hamilton: OPEN
Philip Hamilton Jr: OPEN
William Hamilton: OPEN
Joan Church: OPEN
Alexandra Hamilton Jr: OPEN
Joan Church Hamilton: OPEN
James Hamilton: OPEN
Maria Reynolds: @miss_maria_reynxlds
James Reynolds: OPEN
Jamie Madison: OPEN
Tanya Jefferson: OPEN
Frances Laurens: OPEN

//ask me on my mb or dm me and I'll run it by the rest of the Hamilton crew, we'll just need you to make an alt account, also if you'd like some of the og roles back so you can rp as them then tell me!//
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https://youtu.be/zWKCXCsjJCwi don’t want you to follow them, idk if you’ve already seen this, i just want you to be patient with these accounts since i only have 24hours to do everything 
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