The 🌑
Booty so big (work!) Lord, have mercy (work!)
Why I keep bossing like I do?
Why I keep flossing like I do?
Why I keep saucing like I do?
Why it keep costing like it do?
All this ass up in my jeans
You can't get up in between You tryna get a piece of me
I can teach you a couple things (Lord, have mercy, work!)

Never lose me remix
He speed in a Jeep with his hand on my booty (booty)
He touchin' on me, I get goofy (yeah)
From the 'burbs, actin' bougie
From the 'burb but I suck it like Suki (mm)
From the 'burb but I buss it like Juvie (mm)
Throw it back while he talkin' me through it

Thought you should know morgan wallen
I thought you should know
That all those prayers you thought you wasted on me
Must've finally made their way on through

My name is Olivia my birthday is august sixteenth i am mexican and black so mixed i am a stay and a atiny i love hyunlix seungsung and minchan topper felix chan and seungmin

If you hurt them or say anything bad i will kill you👇👇👇
My nicklewise/suster @RickysWifeReal ❤️❤️🦖🦖☀️
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I hate taylor swift and her fan base

Just people that i love 👇👇
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