Hi, I'm Layla! I like pie, reading, music, and sometimes writing. I also like ice cream. If you like ice cream, you can be my friend. Oh, but you also have to like spaghetti. That is very important. 

I like:
-The Wingfeather Saga
-YuB (who is a dude on YouTube)
-Harry Potter (I am a Hufflepuff)
-Star Wars
-Many other things

I like to write and read fantasy and science fiction. And definitely NOT historical fiction (or anything related to history). I don't have anything posted yet because I'm not very good, but once I get better I will share some stories.

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Story by Layla Dodge
Undertale: True Pacifist by I_Am_Ink_15
Undertale: True Pacifist
This is basically what happens in Undertale when you do the true pacifist route, except for some dialogue and...