Ummm so Hi! I write mainly DreamNotFound/Gream fanfics! Umm some other ships as well! Skephlo, Will and niki(not rly I only see as friends but will seamed lonely), probably more! Umm I'm okay with other ships being said but please don't try to push your opinions on me. Ummm I'm a girl. Age: :/
Online Name: Shadow
Real Name: :/
Facts: I have two dogs! Panda and coca! I hate school! And a pretty happy person!
I support LGBTQ. Basically all of them! You can be anything you want! Furry, person. I can't stop you so don't let anyone else say otherwise! Hope you like this little intro!

I'm a very big DreamNotFound shipper btw! But I don't go around like "YOu TWo ShOuLD DatE!" I keep it to myself but here I just put all my ships out here for you to see! I really like writing so yeah. Please offer DreamNotFound books to me as well! I love reading them so please send me a message of ones you've seen. If you look at my reading list well.....there's a lot...😐 so I'll keep adding and you can check out the ones you've never seen!
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My Demon (DreamNotFound/Gream) by IWantAAnimeBF
My Demon (DreamNotFound/Gream)
So this is for fun! It's not real okay! Ummm Please don't send hate I know their only friends I'm kinda new t...
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A Mix Of Feelings (DNF/Dreamnotfou...
Hay I have no clue what I'm doing but, this is just for fun. Don't take this seriously; the people mentioned...
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What Are You? (DreamNotFound/Gream) by IWantAAnimeBF
What Are You? (DreamNotFound/Gream)
This is just to pas the time and none of the People in this are dating okay? I'm not either trying to ship re...
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