Happy New Year!


          How are you doing?
          I was a fan of The 12th kiss.
          Came here looking for more of your works and read Crash. Wanted to know, whether you'll be continuing it or not?


Wow!!! I am just so very happy to have stumbled upon your masterpiece 'The 12th kiss'. One of the best books i have read in years!!!! Happy to see there still are books a little different from the usuals seen on wattpad which compel us to think, to pause. Reminded me of all the good books and genre-less reading i used to do before i stepped into wattpad. Felt good. Hurriedly typing so i could look into rest of your books!!!!
          Best wishes!!!


I've just finish the 12th Kiss and it givese me tons and tons of whirling experiences. Infact,it brought me to tears.. its so amazing..beautiful setup  


Please post the alternate ending of The 12th Kiss if youve have it written. Love your writing and I hope you will continue