I cum outta The South, by way of Louisiana and Tennessee, with these Tales you are about To Read on this page.

Life has Turned Me into A Savage Writer of Black Pulp Fiction, Black Exploitation, Black Folklore and Black Erotica gritty Shit that makes You wanna Laff, Cry, Scream or Fuck.

For the Record,
RUMOR has it I was born from The last Nut in My Daddys Sack. And came into this world when HE came.
Needless to say, My Birth was Traumatic.
Thus, I arrived here with an Attitude.
The Doctor Slapped Me and I Slapped Him Back.
And So my Journey began.
To Find Myself.
I ran them Streets.
I Walked the Path.
I Graduated from Sidewalk University.
I Got My PH.D from The School of Hard Knocks.
I still haven't Found Myself.
Butt I did find My VOICE.
So Imma take My Time and Tell My Stories.
Note: I miss-spell werds on Purpose cuz I dont give-a-fuck as long as U kan Understand n Innerstand da Muh'fuckaz. And I preshate U 4 Reading. Blee dat shit.
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DuVayKnox DuVayKnox Feb 07, 2020 09:52PM
I B god-dam, butt a WATTPAD GLITCH DELETED the  PUSSY DETECTIVE RIDES AGAIN Story. So I'm reposting it. Please feel free to ADD it again to ya List. Thanks.
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