I believe I have figured out how to make the chapters available once again in their own books, so do me a favor and go to the book that you've been having trouble with and see if you can now view the chapters. Please let me know!




@CoDy_007  yes! Thank you. 




Hi so are you gonna continue "Wolf" the sixth book of the little red little red series cause I really wanna read what happens next. 


I just realized, it's been exactly a year sense he posted a Little Red Little Red. Which i have been waiting patiently for, and will wait as long as it takes. I love this series so much and I think you did a really good job on it. :)


I am currently reading Big Bad Wolf and I can't get chapters 6&7 no matter what I do I've tried everything. I did what you suggested after chapter 5. I Logged out & back in (with & without fallowing you) nothing works! Can you PLEASE put them and any other private chapters in a separate book for me and any other desperate and frustrated readers? I would really appreciate it.
          And please keep writing your stories are very good.


Click the story of your choice, and once there, click the dropdown box and locate the chapter. After you read the chapter, go back to the homepage of the story to go to the next private chapter (once you get to it) For some reason, Wattpad makes it invisible.4. If you still can't access it, try using the app.APP:1
            This is how also you can see private chapters but I don’t even know how to use this but you can still message him  


You can Private message him and he can send you the links (if he answers)