Hi, I'm Riah, I'm 21, I'm straight, not a writer I mostly come on here to read the lovely stories other people have written. I'm a fan of Drarry, sterek, Destial, Sam and Dean and of course it's incest but I don't care I don't judge, ddlg, dom/sub, pet play and other things I can think of at the moment. Anything I like at to my list. If anyone comes across my page and sees my list and decides to read any of the stories don't be mean or leave any hate because that's not cool and no one should do that anyway there is way to much cruelty in the world be more positive in life. 

Alot of the stories I come across on what I like to read some writers end not finshing some of there stories because or writers block or other reasons, so if anyone would like help coming up with ideas if they are struggling to come up with ideas feel free to ask and I can give some ideas. I suck at writing though to put my ideas into my own stories. And if anyone wants to write my ideas for stories they can if they are struggling with a writers block for their own ideas I don't might give some ideas out either.
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