Hello, I'm E. I fear I may be losing my sanity with every passing second, and my smile for misery only solidifies my worries. My mind is directly tapped into omen and evil utterances from my blackened heart, and they leave my throat onto the paper. Every chuckle of my character, every miserable scene, every desire to kill is rooted into my brain while I write, and I become synced completely and utterly to all my characters for the most accurate personality I can get. Their development is mine in their skin. Know, I'm devoted to each word you read. 

I have this theory that every story is a parallel world or alternate reality, so authors are those who can sync their minds to these other worlds and people. Some can sync better than others, and that's why some are better writers. I feel deeply bonded with my characters and even forget they don't exist at times, so it's not too farfetched.

I love:

The End of the Fxxxing World (easily my favorite series)
Impractical Jokers
Rick and Morty
Adventure Time
The Offspring

I am:

An anti-feminist woman

Possibly a sociopath or some form

Called a future serial killer

A wrathful soul


Stories from a Fallen Angel (on hold)

Dragon's Strength (on hold)

Banished Bloodsucking Brothers (on hold)

The Mage's Young Doll (on hold)

A Demon's Quest for a Lover (on hold)

Stitches and Mutilation (once a month)

Falen Auro (On hold)

Hymns of Damnation (completed)

Songs of E. (Whenever a song appears in a story)

Quotes of E. (Whenever)

Stab a Dagger Down the Middle (Once a month)

A Heart of Ice Shards (Once a month)

A Proclaimed Sociopath's Views on Her Love (completed)

To Create a Demon (Not published)

The Mark of a Phoenix (Not published)


BloodyTurtle Reviews

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Murderous: a Graphic Shop {CLOSED}

Neomonic: A Graphic Shop {OPEN}


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Stories by E.
(MOVED) Hymns of Damnation by BloodyTurtle
(MOVED) Hymns of Damnation
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The Mage's Young Doll by BloodyTurtle
The Mage's Young Doll
The transformation from child to doll. First: Put patches above the flesh. Second: Fill with magical plush st...
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A Demon's Quest for a Lover by BloodyTurtle
A Demon's Quest for a Lover
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