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we don't worship much, but what we do worship - we don't talk about
(fancy way of saying 'turn back now')

Listen up, somebody at one point in their life probably told you you have some value as a person.

They were lying.

But you may have some here, as a reader of my clearly unrivalled stories! Only if you vote though. I value everyone who votes on my stories!

Not you sick bastards who read them and then proceed to bugger off, you guys can get in the bin.

Welcome to the Narci profile!
If you're here, you're probably fuckin' edgy. So here's the deal - Stories just for the sake of Brutal Fun: Mad Metal Maniac
Stories for the sake of Blunt and often Dark Humour: Atlas' Finest, and The Wraith, Parody Reader (It's a RWBY parody of those 'abused neglected' reader books you get on this site so often, I essentially make fun of them for a chapter).

Stories because I REALLY like the Vampire Genre, but see too few good stories based around them: Red Ripper. (Volume 2 is out and under production!)

Stories that were really more experimental, but turned out to be hits: Macabre Inventions, and Black Survival. S'also a Yandere story, so, you know... Check it out.

Buddy Buddy: @taiyo__xx - you fuck with this fetus, your ass is deletus, you got that?

Me Quotes, because Me:
"I have a fetish for wearing my trousers backwards."

"I'm like God, if God was a whore."

"Where my shrimps?"

I welcome all criticism, except the criticism I disagree with! Is that some ass-backwards logic? You betcha.

Now get off my profile.

All Cult-related inquiries are to go through Nopalope.
Cult Activity organiser: Blankedout.
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BeautifulNarci BeautifulNarci Apr 26, 2021 02:29PM
yo these fanfics suck, author doesn't even update his stories smh
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