Hi, why are you reading this- anyways- 

◇Name◇: Luna {or whatever you like to call me}

~Pronouns~: they/them it/its

♤Writing♤: I Will Not write NSFW, nor will i write on senstive topics such as: Rape, sexual assault, and POC struggles.

♡Sexuality♡: Omni, Ambiamorous, demiromantic, and demisexual

*Gender*: Agender

○Relationship status○: in a relationship with @XglitchVibezX

♧Fandoms♧: oh shit uh- Danganronpa, Haikyuu, Banana Fish, Inuyasha, Warrior Cats, My Pride, Walten files, MHA, Twelve, Genshin Impact.

~Ships~: Y E S. I don't care about whatever ship as long it isn't toxic nor illegal :)

[Roleplays]: I will rp MHA (at times), Haikyuu, Danganronpa, Warrior cats, and genshin- all of these roleplays can have any AU, even using some of my OCs!

□Likes□: writing, drawing, singing, animals, etc

°.+Dislikes*.×: Racists, Maps, Homophobes, gacha heat, animesexual, transphobes, etc

×Highest kins×: Tendou, Yamaguchi, Sugawara, Korekiyo, Tenko, Mikan, Chihiro, Kaede, Himiko, Venti, etc etc
#Music I listen to#: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUxtb5vY7KeVs9XzXNg9C5IxbCJJ4d7fI my music taste is everywhere ngl.

Go follow these lovely people, they're great People and i love them lots! ygyvt

✨🌈❤❤ literally a simp for fictional men: @rose_loves_kaeya

👟✨Shoe itchy simp: @Waterbottleisachild

👁👅👁 Hoeshi, or Miu copy: @hoshi_k7

✨✨ Yugo peep idk-: @SilverShatterTheTank

🌸very much a cutie jdjsj🌸: @XGlitchVibezX

~you're gay~
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I have some fucking- awesome news- So before hand me and socks were in a QPR (queerplatonic relationship), which in short is the in-between of just friends and dating And well- Socks asked if they...
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Oneshot/story book! by -Local_Omni-
Oneshot/story book!
Heyyooooo, this is where you just- judge my shit, like random stories, oneshots, etc. This won't get as many...
Art/random writing bOoK by -Local_Omni-
Art/random writing bOoK
its just a bunch of random art and story things i have Mature rating due to swearing
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This doesn't feel right.
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