Carlisle and Esme Imprint by Black_Culture
Carlisle and Esme Imprint by Black_Culture Fanfiction
What if Bella was pregnant with Twin girls, what if the other girl was Carlisle and Esme imprint.
KING by autumnalcrisp
KING by Raising Vibrations Vampire
The Pairing Ceremony is what everyone has been waiting for ever since children. 12th grade is the year all students in the world find their soulmate, and The Pairing Cer...
30 Nights by MelissaElborn
30 Nights by Melissa E Vampire
| A Wattpad featured story | Highest ranking #9 | Underneath London's biggest cemetery, lies a secret only the dead can keep. Because London's oldest clan of vampires ha...
•Katherine Swan• •Twilight• {Edward Cullen} •Bella Swans Twin• by -VOID-BELLA-
•Katherine Swan• •Twilight• {Edwar... by Daddy's Lil Monster Fanfiction
Katherine Swan is the older twin sister of Bella Swan. While Bella is Shy and Awkward, Katherine is Smart, Sassy and Sarcastic. Join Katherine on her twilight jou-NO, Yo...
Forks ☤ Carlisle Cullen [Twilight] by jjwellsbooks
Forks ☤ Carlisle Cullen [Twilight] by JJ Wells Fanfiction
I thought that moving to the tiny town of Forks, Washington to care for my ailing grandmother would be completely uneventful. Little did I know that I would find myself...
Eclipse➰Gif Series [3]  by Void_Derek
Eclipse➰Gif Series [3] by Aimee 🥀 Fanfiction
Short gif imagines for your favourite Twilight characters [Requests|OPEN] [Cover by: @-VoidA]
Darkness Will Come to Light [1] by WithLoveAndCupcakes
Darkness Will Come to Light [1] by A.Rose Fanfiction
The Cullens didn't pay her any mind. Not at first. Melaina was just another human whose life cycle lasted no more than a century--nothing compared to a vampire's eternit...
Our Love (a Paul Lahote love story) *Edited* by monkeybreath1
Our Love (a Paul Lahote love story... by C•O•W•G•I•R•L Fanfiction
She was nothing like her. Nothing at all. It was hard to believe that Sydney was Bella's younger sister. Sydney moved in with Charlie when she was ten years old not bein...
The Half-Blood and The Boy With Golden Eyes by xair155
The Half-Blood and The Boy With Go... by Ariel Fanfiction
After her seventh year at Hogwarts, and the lost of a friend, Hanna Swan goes back to America and to her home town of Forks, Washington where a surprise a waits her. Her...
Twilight imagines by SerenaChintalapati
Twilight imagines by Serena Chintalapati Fanfiction
Any imagines for Twihards
Devil? Angel? I Think Both ~ The Volturi  by Wolf_Queen_101
Devil? Angel? I Think Both ~ The V... by Draco Malfoy's Wife Fanfiction
~ "She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them." ~ ~ "Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.&q...
Between the Perennial Blooms || Paul Lahote by vanillarain13
Between the Perennial Blooms || Pa... by vanillarain13 Fanfiction
"I never wanted you; not really. But then I saw you standing there in that little white dress with the grass stains on the hem and suddenly you became the most prec...
Meeting My Mate  (Jasper Hale Love Story) by Phoenix_Cullen
Meeting My Mate (Jasper Hale Love... by Avril Lavigne Fanfiction
Sequel to Edward's Little Sister. The Agreste family need to leave again, because people have started to notice that they don't age. They have chosen to go to Forks, a...
Twilight Preferences (Volturi) {On Hold For Now/Editing} by KateHP
Twilight Preferences (Volturi) {On... by Namjoonlosophy Fanfiction
Hey! I'll be doing Twilight Preferences. I'll be doing the Volturi only. Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. It belongs to Stephenie Meyer. Requests are open! Highest Rank...
Life | A Jasper Hale Love Story  by VampireReh
Life | A Jasper Hale Love Story by Rehtaeh 🦇 Fanfiction
||Book one in The Protectors Series ||Twilight ||COMPLETED: October 3, 2017 "Seventeen, running from innocence, like it's a lion." DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN TWI...
Eradicate ➳Jacob Black [The Final Chapter] by writer_aly4
Eradicate ➳Jacob Black [The Final... by Alyssa Fanfiction
"When it all goes up in flames We'll be the last ones standing" Jacob Black/OC Fanfiction [Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2]
LITTLE CULLEN ↠ VOLTURI KINGS [1] by 『L E E A N N 』 Fanfiction
❝Promise, you'll never leave me. Please?❞
The new Cullen by Trencherx
The new Cullen by TeamEdward Fanfiction
When Bella Swan changes her mind about staying with Edward Cullen as a sole mate and vampire she moves to Florida to be with her mother and step father Phill. Edward giv...
Conqueror ↠ Jacob Black [1] by seIcouth
Conqueror ↠ Jacob Black [1] by ℛ Fanfiction
❝We came. We saw. We loved.❞ ~ Always the proud best friend of Jacob Black, Sage Lucero has many memories of his...
SPITFIRE ▷ JASPER HALE [WATTYS 2017] by uItminyoongi
❛ she is stardust, thousands of atoms scattered in space and time. she is constant, the one thing i can feel when the world spins and slants, battering me breathless and...