Romeo and Juliet by WilliamShakespeare
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Classics
"Romeo and Juliet" is a tragedy about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families. Cover done by @zuko_42
TEMPEST ☆☞ {POETRY} by portiapearls
TEMPEST ☆☞ {POETRY} by portiapearls Poetry
'Hell is empty and all the devils are here...' - William Shakespeare, Tempest Published on 14/9/17 (cover credit - @pradita21) ...
Edgewise by krazydiamond
Edgewise by Kristin Jacques Science Fiction
***Winner of the Wattys 2016 for Hidden Gems*** The Edgewise exists everywhere and nowhere. A sanctuary to all realms, should you find the door. Managed by one Macklemo...
Odds by GillianDemofonte
Odds by Gillybean Fanfiction
Your roommate is having a New Year's party with her new cast mates in Broadway's hit show "Something Rotten". You normally leave all the drunk singing to them...
Icarus by MadelineSane
Icarus by Mad Romance
❝A boy and a girl, feathers and flames. A tragic love story, and a life that came to an end❞ ➳ The body dies but the soul survives; Punished by the gods, Icarus is curs...
101 Best Quotes from Shakespeare ✔ by RealAbibliophobia
101 Best Quotes from Shakespeare ✔ by RealAbibliophobia Random
101 of the best sayings and quotes from William Shakespeare
Rowan & Justin [boyxboy] by MaddyRawr10
Rowan & Justin [boyxboy] by Maddy Teen Fiction
Rowan is goodlooking, athletic, and clever, and attends Montague High School in his small town of Verona. Justin is a Sophomore in the bitter rival Capulet High School...
UNPREDICTABLE » 10 THINGS I HATE A... by amanda Fanfiction
In which their love was totally predictable to everyone else, but unpredictable for them.
Divergent Romeo by tiff_any
Divergent Romeo by tiff_any Fanfiction
The Prior and Eaton Kingdoms have been at war since the start of time. To ensure safety for his people and his family, King Andrew has decided that his daughter be marri...
Rewriting Macbeth by Goldengirl02
Rewriting Macbeth by Omnya0 Historical Fiction
I am rewriting this story, both because I want to improve my writing skill and I wanna try to make Macbeth a story people could be invested in.
The BIG Book of RANDOM by FallenStarXOXO
The BIG Book of RANDOM by FallenStarXOXO Random
Basically where I let out my random energy and things I would like the world to know. CAUTION: Too many intakes of random jokes may result in LAUGHTER :D
The Girl Across the Street by eryn32
The Girl Across the Street by Eryn Teen Fiction
Summary: Dylan's life has always been a routine with very little deviation; it's tried and truly perfect. The perfect routine for the perfect town. The kids he went to...
No Fear Shakespeare-Merchant Of Venice by T_a_r_i_k_a
No Fear Shakespeare-Merchant Of Ve... by Tarika Birch Romance
ALL CREDIT TO SPARKNOTES Crowther, John, ed. "No Fear The Merchant of Venice." SparkNotes LLC. 2005. Web. 16 May 2016.
I Wear Boys Underwear by patriciaannzee
I Wear Boys Underwear by Write, It Feels Good Teen Fiction
Austin loves football, there really is no going around that fact. So when her Powder-puff team is disbanded due to athletic budget cuts, she disguises herself as a boy n...
Yandere!Sebastian x Reader by literateillumination
Yandere!Sebastian x Reader by literateillumination Fanfiction
Sebastian is in love with your independent spirit. But will that be your demise? Excerpt: "I've never learned to love things correctly. Perhaps as a demon, that's j...
eternal by szcwrites
eternal by lindsey Poetry
↠ (adj.) lasting or existing forever, without end nor beginning. ↞ * constantly being updated * [#608 in Poetry] All Rights Reserved.
Eight Letters. Three Words. by AlaskaGold
Eight Letters. Three Words. by Alaska Gold Teen Fiction
"I do not feel anything towards Dylan Miller." Leela nodded combing through the messy knots in my hair, "Whatever." "I'm serious!"  "L...
//Running Out of Breath // A Severus Snape Story: Book One: by WhiteNoisePhantom
//Running Out of Breath // A Sever... by Rosa Michel Pace Fanfiction
It's Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts, and this time around Dumbledore gives Snape an assistant. Adriana Tramel. But not all is well with Adriana, something dark is follo...
Behind Her Walls by celes0897
Behind Her Walls by tiara_queen♡ Teen Fiction
A love that starts from play. A play you may called the game of love. She will never be serious ever will. And he I don't know. She said "that's what you called p...
Like Wildfire by AmyLReece
Like Wildfire by Amy Reece Teen Fiction
Sometimes rumors really burn... Ben and Trissa used to be the "it" couple, but a misunderstanding has turned their love into a war of words and a fight for fir...