Luna Swan (Jacob Black Love Story) by MikaylaGrace2
Luna Swan (Jacob Black Love Story) by Mikayla Grace Teen Fiction
I'm Luna...yeah Swan Bella and I are sisters yeah I know we look nothing alike ...I live with my dad Charlie in forks Washington ...always have .since the
GREY EYES (Occhi negli occhi)  by CielicosiNeri
GREY EYES (Occhi negli occhi) by CarmyDelMastro Mystery / Thriller
Il ragazzo dagli occhi grigi voleva dirmi qualcosa, ed io ero pronta ad ascoltarlo.
I Wear Boys Underwear by patriciaannzee
I Wear Boys Underwear by Write, It Feels Good Teen Fiction
Austin loves football, there really is no going around that fact. So when her Powder-puff team is disbanded due to athletic budget cuts, she disguises herself as a boy n...
Rowan & Justin [boyxboy] by MaddyRawr10
Rowan & Justin [boyxboy] by Maddy Teen Fiction
Rowan is goodlooking, athletic, and clever, and attends Montague High School in his small town of Verona. Justin is a Sophomore in the bitter rival Capulet High School...
Yandere!Sebastian x Reader by literateillumination
Yandere!Sebastian x Reader by literateillumination Fanfiction
Sebastian is in love with your independent spirit. But will that be your demise? Excerpt: "I've never learned to love things correctly. Perhaps as a demon, that's j...
Odds by GillianDemofonte
Odds by Gillybean Fanfiction
Your roommate is having a New Year's party with her new cast mates in Broadway's hit show "Something Rotten". You normally leave all the drunk singing to them...
Macbeth: a novel by persephone7913
Macbeth: a novel by persephone7913 Historical Fiction
It can be difficult to read straight dialogue and understand what actions are taking place. Here is my interpretation of the story of Macbeth, a thane whose ambition fig...
Rio and Juliet by Immlaaarr
Rio and Juliet by Immy Teen Fiction
Rio Montague. Juliet Capulet. Two completely different girls, from two households that are united by one thing - hatred. The two girls are kept from meeting due to the t...
Wink Book Club ||The_Bard_Community|| by The_Bard_Community
Wink Book Club ||The_Bard_Communit... by The Bards Random
Ruling America by tacotuesdays
Ruling America by Sarah Historical Fiction
"It's your decision," he says as his brilliant blue eyes gaze into mine with an expression of distress and lust, his lips inches away from mine as he murmurs...
Like Wildfire by AmyLReece
Like Wildfire by Amy Reece Teen Fiction
Sometimes rumors really burn... Ben and Trissa used to be the "it" couple, but a misunderstanding has turned their love into a war of words and a fight for fir...
Romeo&Juliet imagines/one-shots (Open) by Alice9157
Romeo&Juliet imagines/one-shots (O... by Alice Crow Fanfiction
If you please, you can request imagines/one-shots with your favourite character(s). I do smut or at least I attempt to do it to the best of my abilities. I'll put the fo...
What Dreams May Come by jaeshanks
What Dreams May Come by Jae Science Fiction
{✨Book 1✨} FEATURED: Dylan Brink knew that she didn't get a choice in her partner; she just didn't expect him to be so...different from her. Her days were focused on the...
Romeo & Juliet: A Novel by faereaders
Romeo & Juliet: A Novel by Fae Reader Romance
The Capulets and Montagues are known for their feud by all inhabitants of fair Verona but it's the stories unknown to those not involved that ends in tragedy. Juliet is...
Merchant of Venice  by dasha_says
The Pure-Bloods (Completed) #WattyAwards2017 // Wattys  2017 // #wattys by ShortyWithTheRedHair
The Pure-Bloods (Completed) #Watty... by ShortyWithTheRedHair Teen Fiction
Katherine Goodfellow and her brother Puck are two of the last Pure-Blood elves. She just does not know this. Puck has protected Katie from knowing this and others who do...
it was always you (rafinha alcantara)  by norcula
it was always you (rafinha alcanta... by n Fanfiction
"He looked at you like you're the kind of beautiful people write novels about."
Eight Letters. Three Words. by AlaskaGold
Eight Letters. Three Words. by Alaska Gold Teen Fiction
"I do not feel anything towards Dylan Miller." Leela nodded combing through the messy knots in my hair, "Whatever." "I'm serious!"  "L...
Macbeth-No Fear Shakespeare by Camilla_Calistro
Macbeth-No Fear Shakespeare by Camilla Random
This is the story of Macbeth by William Shakespeare, but it is in the form of modern day language which is easier to understand. Macbeth is a play of contradiction and a...
Romeo & Juliet {A Twisted Tale} 《Laurance X Reader》DISCONTINUED by Radiant01
Romeo & Juliet {A Twisted Tale} 《L... by darĸneѕѕ Fanfiction
He is here....Back to take the world that their Lord has forgotten long ago. Irene is helpless. Their only hope is fading. He was gone and she was losing everything the...