Letters To No One ➳ [Poetry] by SissyStuff
Letters To No One ➳ [Poetry] by 🌺 daphne 🌺 Poetry
❝I've delicately chosen letters to form words and words to form sentences, each sentence a colorful paint stroke on the canvas of my mind.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 27/08/16 ] ...
Relatable posts 2! by Jaffacake30
Relatable posts 2! by Jaffacake30 Random
Welcome to Relatable posts 2! The place for everyone living the sloth life- slouching and snacking away watching endless hours of TV. This book totally describes your li...
Delinquent Academy #Wattys2017 by itssaliicee
Delinquent Academy #Wattys2017 by its ya girl Teen Fiction
- I'm pushed roughly against the wall making me gasp. "Why are you acting like this?" I hiss at him, gaining composure. "You just don...
Kisses From Death | Book 1 by twelvewonderingstars
Kisses From Death | Book 1 by aurora Fantasy
[BOOK ONE] "Whatever he does," I panted, leaning my back against the door as my usually obnoxiously loud voice dropped to a hushed whisper. "I hope he...
Everything I Never Said by feliciaing
Everything I Never Said by Felicia Ing Poetry
❝This the love I fail to say. One that caused him to go away, for our love was never made to stay.❞ - all poems are mine :) #1 in Poetry since 26/05/17 !
dolan twin imagines by stussyethan
dolan twin imagines by mckenna Fanfiction
if you've ever heard the term "you don't have a chance with them" well fuck whoever said that, they're wrong. you're dating them in this book. @stussyethan 201...
Secrets On Tour ✔ [COMPLETED] (Sequel to Late Night Conversations)  by JasminAMiller
Secrets On Tour ✔ [COMPLETED] (Seq... by Jasmin Short Story
{Highest Ranking: #7 in Short Story} Tyler - who is best known as superstar Jet Valentine - and his girlfriend Anna have been together now for almost four years. Anna h...
midnight thoughts by John_Schorwinson
midnight thoughts by Jughead 👑 Poetry
these are just thoughts that traveled down my cheeks and ended on paper during midnight. highest: #1 in poetry cover made by @ShreyasiS All Rights Reserved © John Schor...
Beautiful Mistake by MelonDiaries
Beautiful Mistake by Mel Ryle General Fiction
Kyla almost had it all. Except for her love life. It was nearly three month after she and her heartless ex were no longer in a relationship status. Her friends thought...
I Slapped Mr. Popular by Accident_Prone16
I Slapped Mr. Popular by Mickey Humor
Wonderful cover made by @xoxoxxoooo Braelyn Sawyer is the invisible little sister of the three notorious players of Morrow High: Kyle, Nathan, and Nick. Kyle graduated t...
200 Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind IV by _internet_queen_
200 Amazing Facts To Blow Your Min... by ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ Random
Just a bunch of random facts. *may contain memes*
Manan ff My Possessive Darling Husband by Priyankasurya
Manan ff My Possessive Darling Hus... by Priyankasurya Fanfiction
Hey buddies back with another story.. Till now you guys read many love stories in which there is misunderstandings and lady villans..did you guys ever read happy life st...
Chasing Bad✔[Currrently Being Edited] by GlamorousDolls
Chasing Bad✔[Currrently Being Edit... by ♡Ally♡ ChickLit
Looking down at me a small rare smile forms on his face, one that I haven't really seen come from him. The small gesture seemed so sincere, so pure. "I'm glad that...
Instagram for the Next Generation by seeking-hogwarts
Instagram for the Next Generation by || Coda || Fanfiction
Ever wonder what the social media feed would like for next generation of Hogwarts kids? Assuming that they had wifi and phones that worked both at home and Hogwarts, of...
Thirteen Reasons Why by dbrodriguez
Thirteen Reasons Why by queen Poetry
Inspired by Jay Asher's novel. All poems in here are mine. The cover photo was edited by yours truly but the photo used isn't mine, credits to the rightful owner. • high...
TimeLess  by DaraaRodriguez
TimeLess by Daraa Rodriguez Non-Fiction
18 year old Ashley Rodriguez just took a "Big Lost " .Within 24 hours her life did a whole 360 . Will this change her forever ?
Kaisi yeh Yaariyan Season 3 by 1_drop_of_rain
Kaisi yeh Yaariyan Season 3 by Rohini Karmakar Fanfiction
Its been a month that I chanced upon the magical world of Manik and Nandini. It's such a pity that the personal equations between the cast turned so sour that an epic st...
Expiration Date Duology by MikaelaBender
Expiration Date Duology by Mikaela Bender Science Fiction
The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's expired. Highest ranking: #1 in Scie...
Rants Of A Salty Hufflepuff [ RANDOM STUFF ] by -interstellars
Rants Of A Salty Hufflepuff [ RAND... by 『 yikes 』 Random
Let's get one thing straight...I'm not [ RANTS AND SHIT ] [ MAINLY SHIT ] [ BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT ] [ CURRENTLY ON SEASON FIVE ]
first drafts by liasteashop
first drafts by chopsticks Poetry
As the clock ticks, the pen on her hand taps rhythmically to the words in her head. Her finger runs through the cover of the journal, and her mind goes to a trip to memo...