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Lonely and Tired by AnaBeverhausen
Lonely and Tiredby AnaBeverhausen
Dear God Series - 1 A visit to her brother's burial site sets Stephanie on a collision course with her past. A lot of things have changed since the last time she saw Bri...
I Found You, Something Told Me To Stay - (Jason Berry/Zacky Vengeance) by jasss149
I Found You, Something Told Me Jasmine :)
It was one of those heart-stopping moments where I didn't know what to do. Down to only one photograph, my life was about to change. Completely. What would you do if you...
Hope Begins to Fade by AnaBeverhausen
Hope Begins to Fadeby AnaBeverhausen
Dear God Series - 2 Does everyone have just one soulmate? Or is there more than one person out there? When tragedy strikes can you find your way back to happiness with s...
Now You're Perfecting A World Meant To Syn (Zacky V/Syn Gates/Ronnie Radke) by SammyVengeance
Now You're Perfecting A World Sammi V
Mia Brown is a Clinical ER Doctor at Huntington Beach General Hospital. One morning, One Patient and her life is turned upside down. She is caught up in a tangled web of...
Brian's Letters To Matthew by Pocky_1691
Brian's Letters To Matthewby Pocky_1691
Zacky Baker finds a journal, that holds an unbelievable love story.
Wish You Were Here • {Zacky Vengeance} by -lovethevoid
Wish You Were Here • {Zacky love the void
finished - november 27, 2018 In which they've been through way too much to just forget about each other.
Too Many People To Ache Over ~ (Zacky Vengeance) by synystxr
Too Many People To Ache Over ~ ( synystxr
Yasmin Dixon thinks she is just going over to California to see a few friends for a month or so. Things seem to be going great until one night when her friend Harriet go...
{Avenged} My Nightmare {Sevenfold} by emeraldrose187
{Avenged} My Nightmare {Sevenfold}by emeraldrose187
Kathleen Seward is the little sister of Johnny Seward and the girlfriend of Jimmy until tragedy strikes. Overcome with grief she is soon also stricken with a mysterious...
 Little Piece of Heaven (A7X x reader)  by Madigurlwrites
Little Piece of Heaven (A7X x 🤍Madi🤍
~~~~~~~~~~~ 'Cause I really always knew that my little crime Would be cold that's why I got a heater for your thighs And I know, I know it's not your time But bye, bye A...
Confessions Of A Groupie by Roxy_Gr33n
Confessions Of A Groupieby Roxy_Gr33n
24 year old Kaylin is just like you or I... but as soon as she and her best friend 'Chelle hit the night scene she's a completely different person. A different rockstar...
Promises Are Meant To Be Broken... by kryschyanne
Promises Are Meant To Be Krystin Chyanne
The Sequel to 'Promise Me You'll Never Feel Afraid' What happens to Chyanne after Taylor attacked her? Did Taylor just leave her there to die? Is Brian worried? Is Lay...
Save Me (Zacky Vengeance) by chooselife_spn
Save Me (Zacky Vengeance)by Marissa
Ashley Carlile is the daughter of Zacky Vengeance. Her mom died when she was 10, and 14 when her big sister Jasmine died. She finds herself moving to Huntington to live...
The Fight by 3DGA7X
The Fightby Kenna Lou :)
April is 22 years old, an has a 5 year old daughter. She has listened to and loved Avenged Sevenfold for a very long time. When she meets them at the diner she works at...
Welcome to the Family.....Again (Synyster Gates) ~Book 1~ by vechkinfan1
Welcome to the Family.....Again ( Linds
Avenged Sevenfold fan fiction, Rory was friends with all the guys from the band at a young age. Moving away from them broke her heart once before, but will Rory take a c...
Confessions(Synacky, Macky REWRITE) by JannethSup
Confessions(Synacky, Macky REWRITE)by jensupjensup
Zachary Baker has been missing for 6 years. But when the police found him somewhere deep in the woods, turns out he has no idea of who he is/was. He only remember two na...
Don't Give Up On Me by batc0untry
Don't Give Up On Meby batc0untry
After a rough couple of years, Andria's recently divorced father moves them from their hometown of Austin, Texas, to sunny Southern California. Although he's scored the...
Someone to Hold by AnaBeverhausen
Someone to Holdby AnaBeverhausen
Dear God Series - 4 Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right? And weddings are supposed to be joyous? Stand-up paddleboarding is a non-contact sport, isn't it? And s...
Don't Go by jennastromberg
Don't Goby Jenna
Jenna Wellington was the best friend of Brian Haner Jr. Also known as Synyster Gates, of Avenged Sevenfold. They have been best friends since Jenna can remember. As J...