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I Don't Love You, Synyster Gates by cyanidex_x
I Don't Love You, Synyster Gatesby Bella Haner
Bella finds that Brian has cheated on her multiple times while they were in high school, when they graduate, Zacky starts taking an interest in her. Will she give Brian...
RUSH. || Kuzaless [ON HOLD] by S_yny_ster
RUSH. || Kuzaless [ON HOLD]by Lux
"Sex. It's all he knows. He was pulled out of school at 7, and it's the only thing can do. He can't read. He can't write. But he can fuck. ...And boy, can he fuck...
Welcome to OUR family by lucieether
Welcome to OUR familyby Lucie
It all starts out as a normal birthday, lucie and her best friend Millie go to and avenged sevenfold concert...but all things turn strange when they call her up on stage...
Silver Screen Romance (Book 3) by DCMadden
Silver Screen Romance (Book 3)by DCMadden
Mandy chose Carey, but does that mean Brian and Mandy's story is over? Alex is left standing in her wedding dress alone, while everyone awaits her decision, Benji or Joe...
Don't Go by jennastromberg
Don't Goby Jenna
Jenna Wellington was the best friend of Brian Haner Jr. Also known as Synyster Gates, of Avenged Sevenfold. They have been best friends since Jenna can remember. As J...
A Forbidden Love by SynysterHarlot
A Forbidden Loveby Lisa
Elena Sanders, or as she prefers Ellie, has moved away from her father and the crazy night life of Las Vegas to the sunny beaches of Huntington Beach, California. Becomi...
Now You're Perfecting A World Meant To Syn (Zacky V/Syn Gates/Ronnie Radke) by SammyVengeance
Now You're Perfecting A World Sammi V
Mia Brown is a Clinical ER Doctor at Huntington Beach General Hospital. One morning, One Patient and her life is turned upside down. She is caught up in a tangled web of...
Still Loving You (Synyster Gates Series: Book 4) by nickisevenfold
Still Loving You (Synyster Gates nickisevenfold
Brian sets out to change himself, in hopes that Jackie would give him another chance at being the best husband and father he could ever be. But scared of having history...
Brian's Letters To Matthew by Pocky_1691
Brian's Letters To Matthewby Pocky_1691
Zacky Baker finds a journal, that holds an unbelievable love story.
What If by Iloveray1234
What Ifby Nicole P
Brian Haner Jr is a big time musician in one of America's biggest rock bands. He was accustomed to life's "finer" things. Designer clothes. Gourmet dining. Wil...
Don't You Dare Fall In Love With Me [Synyster Gates Fan Fic] by EternalRest
Don't You Dare Fall In Love With EternalRest
WARNING: CONTAINS DRUG USE AND MILD SEXUAL SCENES ___ Matt Sanders lives with two of his best friends, Zacky Baker and Jimmy Sullivan. After discovering the mess that hi...
{Avenged} My Nightmare {Sevenfold} by emeraldrose187
{Avenged} My Nightmare {Sevenfold}by emeraldrose187
Kathleen Seward is the little sister of Johnny Seward and the girlfriend of Jimmy until tragedy strikes. Overcome with grief she is soon also stricken with a mysterious...
My Drug Is You by HayleyMarie95
My Drug Is Youby Hayley
Sophie Miller walks around like a ghost. She is badly bullied by Nicole and her friends. They make her life a misery along with her abusive mother, they force her into a...
Second Heartbeat [Avenged Sevenfold] by A7X_13
Second Heartbeat [Avenged A7X_13
Newly-weds Scarlett and Daniel take solace in Huntington Beach after a seemingly life of tragedy back in their home country of Australia. But when tragedy strikes, Scarl...
Synyster ~ A Place So Dark...So Cold ~ Gates {Book 1} by a7x_TiFF
Synyster ~ A Place So Dark...So TIFF *_*
Avenged Sevenfold fan fiction... Gwen and her sister Stacy meet Avenged Sevenfold! Circumstances bring Synyster and Gwen together...could it be lust...or love? Go...
WILD || Hollywood Undead by S_yny_ster
WILD || Hollywood Undeadby Lux
bitch ((porn,,,but with a plot)) {Jorel x everyone} *a p r o b l e m*
Too Many People To Ache Over ~ (Zacky Vengeance) by synystxr
Too Many People To Ache Over ~ ( synystxr
Yasmin Dixon thinks she is just going over to California to see a few friends for a month or so. Things seem to be going great until one night when her friend Harriet go...
Welcome to the Family.....Again (Synyster Gates) ~Book 1~ by vechkinfan1
Welcome to the Family.....Again ( Linds
Avenged Sevenfold fan fiction, Rory was friends with all the guys from the band at a young age. Moving away from them broke her heart once before, but will Rory take a c...
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Rusted From The Rain ~Avenged Sevenfold~ by Narliya
Rusted From The Rain ~Avenged TheDeadRed
Rating: Explicit//Rated R Archive Warning: This story contains violence and rape. So, do not read if you are uncomfortable with these subjects. Words: 23'378 Status: Fin...