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Collateral Damage || A Yoru x Fem!reader Fanfic by OnigiriAuthor
Collateral Damage || A Yoru x Fem...by Onigiri
An enemy team's radiant, eager to prove herself to her superiors goes on a mission to Earth-1, placed there to spy on the radiants included in the VALORANT protocol. She...
➳ Caught You: Yoru x Fem!Reader「VALORANT」 by mari_cant_aim
➳ Caught You: Yoru x Fem!Reader「VA...by Mari
「 Y/N L/N became a radiant after a certain incident that happened in her life, she started to steal radianite and kill anyone that would come across her way until one d...
Valorant X Reader Oneshot (EN)  by Melie__Tetsuro
Valorant X Reader Oneshot (EN) by call me Rin
Hey, I'm your beloved Writer but y'all can call me Rin! I'm a Gamer and if you need a gaming buddy you can always dm me private and i'll try my best to find time for ya...
Against Odds - A Sova Fanfiction (Valorant) by DerangedMooMoos
Against Odds - A Sova Fanfiction (...by Deranged MooMoos
"You are no Hunter," he breathed out, hot air blowing into my face, "you're my prey, from the very beginning" as our lips connected.
VALORANT Imagines by Kaila_Falcon
VALORANT Imaginesby Kaila Falcon
Imagines, one-shots... Yeah... This is what it's come to now. Don't judge me! There are like, no good Valorant imagines on this app. I shall deliver! Inside this book i...
Beloved. (Female reader X Yoru) by Bamkxrz
Beloved. (Female reader X Yoru)by Bamkxrz
Y/N is a waitress who works at a Korean restaurant. Til one day she finds a special someone that makes everything change in good and bad ways. (Some characters belong t...
Amped up || Cypher x Reader (VALORANT) by loraavi
Amped up || Cypher x Reader (VALOR...by loravi
get off your high horse!; hirofumi yoshida by SORAmoon5
get off your high horse!; hirofumi...by SORA
hirofumi yoshida x female reader text fic this will probs contain spoilers for part 2 of the chainsaw man manga - at the very least, character wise, it will. ok this was...
BLOOM IN CHAOS (JettxSage) | Valorant AU by givemethespike
BLOOM IN CHAOS (JettxSage) | Valor...by —
Living her life in a cage, only being able to fly whenever deployed into war. A hawk with a tight leash on its neck, forgot what it feels to fly freely. - Heavily inspi...
The Assassin | Chamber x fem by TheCherria
The Assassin | Chamber x femby Cherria
Elise is a non radiant, but well trained assassin that works as a Valorant agent. She is co-working with Cypher and she has him as a mentor. Her life is simple until the...
Valorant x male reader by S1mp_Senpa1
Valorant x male readerby Simp_Senpai
This is a Valorant x male reader fan fiction. it is based on the lore and story of the real game, but I am tweaking it a little bit.
✦ Valorant Oneshots  by scarletlvs
✦ Valorant Oneshots by ✦
VAL ONESHOTS (FINISHED) lesbian oneshots ‼️ COVER BY @deadrevy ON TWITTER ‼️ rankings - #1 astra | 3-11-22 #1 killjoy | 4-4-22 #2 neon | 2-24-22 #3 chamber | 1-15-22 ma...
Bring the Rain || Valorant by NeonBlazzerr
Bring the Rain || Valorantby Neon
You're a young adult and it's been a decade since first light. You got water and ice themed radiant abilities and on a vacation to Venice, Italy, you find yourself in th...
Spy x Family One Shots by Philosophysical
Spy x Family One Shotsby Philosophysical
To ya'll who haven't yet read this manga. YOU'RE MISSING OUT A PORTION OF YOUR LIFE. GO FORTH BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. Enjoy this collection of drabbles/one shots/scenarios...
~ Ditto ~ Valorant x reader oneshots by MinjisHotWife
~ Ditto ~ Valorant x reader onesho...by Hino/Theo 😻😻
Ditto - NewJeans ⇒ "Stay in the middle Like you a little Don't want no riddle 말해줘 say it back, oh, say it ditto 아침은 너무 멀어 so say it ditto" ⇒ I won't upload con...
Chainsaw witch (Hard-work, future, my Shiny Star!!!) LWA x CSM by Retrokage
Chainsaw witch (Hard-work, future...by Orange Phoenix
After Chariots show a young Akko's parents died on their way home and Akko was Hospitalized but a certain red haired girl came to visit her. Then Chariot meets an emoti...
Russian Roulette | Sova x Fem by TheCherria
Russian Roulette | Sova x Femby Cherria
After a rough childhood Rhea left everything behind her and joined Valorant Protocol. Where she realised she has radiant powers. Ever since she joined, she laid her eyes...
i wish to breathe » omen x sage by PhoenixABridges
i wish to breathe » omen x sageby © ash
sage is a healer. she can resurrect people from the dead. what she cannot do is fulfill omen's one and only wish. ••• copyright © ash (phoenixabridges) 2023 ••• dedica...
ArtWork • Raze x Killjoy by ItsSylix
ArtWork • Raze x Killjoyby Luticrus
•3.21.23• •Ended:• Best friends everyone has seen them as. Art is not mine; neither are these characters