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KPOP USERNAMES  by seonkki
a 'book' filled with corny and random kpop usernames(mostly exo) feel free to use any usernames
Cursed house(yizhan ff) by shya_9812
Cursed house(yizhan ff)by shya_9812
Yibo was in search of a house which can accommodate him for few months cause he was on a run. He was being forced into a marriage by his father for business purpose only...
EXO MEMES by Aiiimeee11
EXO MEMESby Aiiimeee11
We Are One All these memes are taken by my me to you. I took them from Pinterest, Instagram and screenshots. All of these memes are not mine and highly thanks to the rig...
Two World by XiaoHun_Deerwind
Two Worldby XiaoHun
This story is depend on Parallel Universe. Same time, Different people. But they have same love. HunHan + KrisHan
~Sleeping With The Enemy~ [Completed] by Anujin_Kjm
~Sleeping With The Enemy~ [Complet...by K
Ким Жүнмён, Ким Миёон хоёр гэрлэсэн. Тэдний энэ гэрлэлт хайраар эхлэсэн ч Жүнмёны утга учиргүй хардалтаас болж Миёон өөрийгөө үхсэн мэт Жүнмёнд итгүүлснээр үйл явдал өрн...
Crushed [EXO FF - Mafia AU - ] [COMPLETED] by xoAeri
Crushed [EXO FF - Mafia AU - ] [CO...by Lo
Two rivaled gangs, guns, dirty businesses and an ordinary girl who is caught in the midst. A spiral filled with money, jealousy and lies in which she is sucked in deeper...
Moving (Exo's Kai) by natantobsident
Moving (Exo's Kai)by rae
I looked at the boy standing next to her, "My name is Kai." He said in a low voice, his dark eyes trapping and holding my gaze as I stared at him. "I thin...
Enemies at first (chanbaek) by chimmi123pabo
Enemies at first (chanbaek)by chimmi123pabo
"I can't fucking stand you!" "Aww we finally have something in common."
¿Cómo le dices a alguien que lo amas si ni siquiera puedes hablar? 🍃 Capítulos cortos (200 a 1300 palabras) 🍃 Contiene escenas de lemon/ sexo explícito entre hombres...
 KBOYS SMUTS ! +18 - (BoyxBoy)  by Chuueerrries_
KBOYS SMUTS ! +18 - (BoyxBoy) by I'm a little Monster
Please Like , Comment and Don't Forget To enjoy! ? Thank You! Full Credit goes to owners unless otherwise stated that it's my material links will be provided a pond requ...
King [Taoris] by emoEmuu
King [Taoris]by Navi ✨ [ HIATUS]
Tao is part of a plan to join together two kingdoms. Too bad he doesn't know that. 18- year old Tao, a simple minded prince who loves nature, wearing white clothes and...
My brother's friend by kartien
My brother's friendby Kartien
What will happen when the bullied Baekhyun meets his brothers friends after having not even one friend for the eighteen years of his life? Warnings: If you're not comfo...
oh, baby girl | minseok ✔ by OnlyWhenIWalkAway
oh, baby girl | minseok ✔by 🌸 𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓴 🌸
he was going to die a virgin, but his parents intervened, and now he had to tend to his wife who was 13 years younger than him. © 2019 OnlyWhenIWalkAway
Mates (Completed) by MirrorGirl97
Mates (Completed)by MirrorGirl97
I was running. Running away from the pack that have been abusing me for years. Running away from the past. Just running away. But the only thing I couldn't run away from...
Exo Boy X Boy Smut 2 by Princess_Yeoldetort
Exo Boy X Boy Smut 2by 🖤αʆεXα 🖤
enjoy the mix of cute romance, hot sex and some sad times because this gay bitch doesn't know how to stop.
 (𝙀𝙓𝙊) 乐透 𝙇𝙊𝙏𝙏𝙊 by -uphoria-
(𝙀𝙓𝙊) 乐透 𝙇𝙊𝙏𝙏𝙊by eli
UNDER EDITING| REWRITTING in which park chaewon is the only female member in exo. ©-uphoria-2020 Started: 15/4/18 Ended:-/-/- Editing: 22/3/20
Vampires (Baekhyun x Exo) by kpop_686_anime
Vampires (Baekhyun x Exo)by kpop_686_anime
In vampire kingdom,king is sick and want his 11 sons to go to human world and learn how to live with humans.Before they left he told them to talk and to tell him know wh...
tempo » baekhyun ✓ by xxbyunhyun
tempo » baekhyun ✓by 𝘈𝘓𝘓𝘠
❝ The bigger the risk, the bigger the rush. ❞ She was given a proposition that she couldn't refuse: stay in prison for the rest of her life or go undercover in the notor...
Fifty Shades of EXO [18+] by pinkeubyunnie
Fifty Shades of EXO [18+]by Becca Park
Mix one girl, 9 horny guys and a simple contract that only says: "You must have sex with us when WE please."
Instagram | Osh by arttsehun
Instagram | Oshby B.
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