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Sweet Dreams by spookywinchester_67
Sweet Dreamsby Jordan
"Mulder it's me . I'm in your office and I need you." What will happen to the relationship between Mulder and Scully after a brutal kidnapping? Will their love...
If X-Files was a Chatroom  by IWantToBelieve_x
If X-Files was a Chatroom by Charley Taylor 🍁
Ever wondered what text conversations would be like between Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Krycek, Spender, and everyone else? Well here's your window to the X-File's digital...
My one in 5 billion  by Carson812
My one in 5 billion by Carson812
This is the love story of two amazing actors, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, that star in the show The X-Files. Hope y'all enjoy!! 👽👽
Pray With Me by AnaBastow
Pray With Meby Ana Bastow
This is a fill-in-the-blanks fic. It starts with the moment I think Scully starts to think about motherhood again. I placed that happening after Milagro for reasons you...
The Loop by jensen-frackles
The Loopby Brianna
"I know what's going on." "What? What's going on?" Scully asked, confused and slightly horrified. Mulder just stared at her, contemplating. "We'...
In The Throes by Dank-Files
In The Throesby Jessica Lee
Mulder and Scully are dancing around the idea that they might have intimate feelings.
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction- Pt1 Agents & Aliens Verse (Verse 5) by Mistymay6886
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction- Pt...by Mistymay6886
Magnus Bane is basically seen as the FBI's resident joke. Most other agents see him as nothing more than a conspiracy nut, jumping from one crazy theory to the next. No...
Mirror Image [The X-Files] by turn-the-pages
Mirror Image [The X-Files]by but you're a hero to me
An old X-File is reenacted when an old couple is found dead, the husband murdered and the wife with no bruises on her broken neck. Mulder and Scully are on the case, but...
Mulder and Scully high school fanfic  by shemarmooresabs
Mulder and Scully high school fanf...by Mrs.Reid😼
This story is about Mulder and Scully if they were in high school. There are friends and they realize on a school camping trip that they have feelings. They will be some...
The Ghost Dragon by rockdragonmaster
The Ghost Dragonby Just Animations V2.1
It's the year 2020, the year of chaos. After the northern lights had passed through America, it didn't just bring joy and hope it also brought fear. A mysterious ghost...
Cross My Heart | Fox Mulder | by HardcorePisces
Cross My Heart | Fox Mulder |by HardcorePisces
Fox Mulder meets the peculiar Kitten Selene Harlow in his senior year at Martha's Vineyard Regional High. The two form a bond based around being the school's outcasts, b...
The X-Files - Ghosts of Walford by seanclaauthor
The X-Files - Ghosts of Walfordby Sean Clarke
Mick Carter gets a shock when a face from the past shows up on his doorstep. The only trouble is she's been dead since the New Year. X-Files agents Mulder and Scully are...
Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong Theory by trixitgw
Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong The...by trixitgw
I am a huge fan of the x-files and I wanted to write a fanfiction of my own. Just to be clear: english is not my motherlanguage, so please don't judge me too hard, I wou...
Doctor Who: The Bridge Of Reality by Gameninja-8000
Doctor Who: The Bridge Of Realityby Bikerbeing07
You are a newly regenerated version of the Doctor after a fateful battle with the cybermen. Before you were mortally wounded, the cybermen launched their ship into hyper...
Lunchbreak by kcchameleon
Lunchbreakby Kate
How I imagine a typical lunch break with Mulder and Scully. Technically takes place between Triangle and Dreamland. One-Shot.
My Struggle Part II (A Silver Lining) by HayleyTracy
My Struggle Part II (A Silver Lini...by Hayley Tracy
The X-Files/MSR Fan Fiction. Written before the release of the Revival. A scene at the end of My Struggle Part II & after.
The Supernatural X-Files [Wattys2018] by Fanatic_Squared
The Supernatural X-Files [Wattys20...by Fanatic Squared
Maxima and Fox Mulder may to the naked eye seem interested in the same paranormal hocus pocus. But in fact the two are separated, Fox looks to the stars, while Max looks...
Death Note X-Files (completed 6/6) by Captainleon_English
Death Note X-Files (completed 6/6)by CharmRing_English
Mulder and Scully are going to Bolivia. Their mission: to discover the cause of mysterious deaths. Are aliens involved or will it be something much worse? Death Note and...
X Files Season 12 by TheBigANT
X Files Season 12by The ANT
An X-Files series that takes place after Season 11.*WARNING:references