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Trial of Times by maccadarlingg
Trial of Timesby emma
mulder and scully have been partners in the fbi department called the x files in the dusty old basement of the j. edgar hoover building for four years. everyone else can...
Sculder Stories by spidershark
Sculder Storiesby spidershark
romantic moments of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder💕
Gillian, you found me again by jaydenlovesgillian
Gillian, you found me againby jayden 🕺
gillian anderson met you on a tv show, then found you again. A special connection leaves you too alive, but one problem remains. Age.
falling for Gillian Anderson by jaydenlovesgillian
falling for Gillian Andersonby jayden 🕺
After your twenty first birthday in Las Vegas, one fall leads to a downward spiral with Gillian Anderson. You begin to fall in love with this wanted criminal, but how w...
my actress friend by jaydenlovesgillian
my actress friendby jayden 🕺
Your friend Kaydence has gotten a job working for David Duchovny. While you come along for the trip and realize there's someone on set who's caught your eye.
Quantico: An X Files Origin by scullers
Quantico: An X Files Originby Juniper
A 23-year-old Dana Scully finds herself torn between the medical world and the world of federal investigation. She leaps into The FBI training academy, unsure of what it...
A Broken Fox by GreyEditor
A Broken Foxby GreyEditor
Mulder is kidnapped by a female serial killer that has made her way into the X-Files. But the problem is, unlike usual, Scully doesn't rush in last minute and save him...
Sweet Dreams by spookywinchester_67
Sweet Dreamsby Jordan
"Mulder it's me . I'm in your office and I need you." What will happen to the relationship between Mulder and Scully after a brutal kidnapping? Will their love...
Like a Valentine by sisterspooky23
Like a Valentineby Sister Spooky
MSR, EMILY AU!, FLUFF, DOMESTIC, AU! !!!!!! This was originally written as a drabble! I couldn't stop though! So I've put them all here into chapters !!!!
My one in 5 billion  by Carson812
My one in 5 billion by Carson812
This is the love story of two amazing actors, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, that star in the show The X-Files. Hope y'all enjoy!! 👽👽
Love Me Tomorrow~X Files AU by littlemiss022
Love Me Tomorrow~X Files AUby HeyoDaddio
Dana Scully has never really been bothered with the idea that she will never have kids until her mother makes it evidently clear that it is something that Dana wants, bu...
Left Alone {The X Files} by PsyberPsych
Left Alone {The X Files}by Ashlyn E. Reed
After Lindsey was found in the woods two days after being abducted, after she finds out her parents were killed, after she turns into a sweet girl who loses all her feel...
Mon fils by scullyanderson50
Mon filsby Scully Anderson
Dana Scully ancienne agent du FBI mère célibataire d'un garçon de 16 ans va faire face à son passé après plus de 10 ans sans nouvelles de Fox Mulder. En effet celui-ci a...
Part Of The Job by galaxv
Part Of The Jobby ,
Working on an X-File, the two partners find a bit more ease in their "friendship"
Motion Sickness by sistasatan
Motion Sicknessby scxllyx
*COMPLETE* This is a songfic based off of "Motion Sickness" by Phoebe Bridgers (a song i love and now know ALL the words to)! This is a collection of short vig...
Her and not him by Carson812
Her and not himby Carson812
After her old partner gets fired, Dana meets Stella, her new FBI partner. *THIS DOES GET SEXUAL*
Shattered ❥ The X-Files by GodHatesYourOutfit
Shattered ❥ The X-Filesby Amara (She/Her)
FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully work in a secretive part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation called "The X-Files", in which strange and unexplainable...
Mulder and Scully high school fanfic  by shemarmooresabs
Mulder and Scully high school fanf...by Mrs.Reid😼
This story is about Mulder and Scully if they were in high school. There are friends and they realize on a school camping trip that they have feelings. They will be some...
A Secret Romance (Gillovny Fanfiction) by Sasha_Sparkles
A Secret Romance (Gillovny Fanfict...by Sasha
With The X Files reboot and Gillian and David finally get to work together again, Gillian discovers she has feelings for her partner while David realizes his have never...
Nothing Lasts Forever, but will our love? by SunflowerNightbird
Nothing Lasts Forever, but will ou...by LongDistanceWinner
This is an AU of the X files episode Nothing Lasts Forever (Season 11, Episode 9). When Scully is severely injured, our dynamic duo will learn something shocking. Discla...