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Worlds Apart   | A Tanjiro x Reader | by Kimetsu_no_Reads
Worlds Apart | A Tanjiro x Kimetsu_no_Reads
Y/n is a fan of the anime/ manga : Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer. What happens when she gets taken into the world she always wanted to go to? What secrets will you en...
Retroactive Revision - A Songs of War inspired fanfiction by Sapphirethedragon2
Retroactive Revision - A Songs SapphireZeKat
Sometimes, the past is what dictates the future. Content/Trigger Warning - This fanfiction explores themes of trauma and manipulation, and contains violence/gore. Contai...
World's Apart by Sour_Secret
World's Apartby Estharr enee
Alexander Smith doesn't let anyone close to him, he's arrogant and never puts on a smile nor looks at anyone twice because he thinks they won't look at him twice either...
Verisimilitude by kat_ianna
Verisimilitudeby CATianna
People thinks she's so lucky. They always envy her for being pretty and for having a 'what a perfect life', little did they know it was all fake. But when 'that night c...
🕳️🖤Black Ripples 🖤🕳️ by -Queen-of-Thorns-
🕳️🖤Black Ripples 🖤🕳️by ☯️Doll-Queen☯️:🎶SAY YA!!!🎶
you lived a nice quiet life it was sometimes boring and sometimes it was interesting you it was fairly normal you had no problems with anyone, you go to work, tend to yo...
Outsider  by br0kenheart
Outsider by Anakin
"She means everything to me, I won't lose her." There love would last forever but forever didn't last
Life...In the KHR World... BONUS MATERIALS! (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) by animebookfangirl
Life...In the KHR World... BONUS Trish-chan
What does Misaka Hamada look like? How does she dress? What happened after the last task? WHat happened before she returned to the real world? What does the Moon Ring lo...
Worlds Apart by lareola25
Worlds Apartby lareola25
"Yes. I like you. But, we're anything more than friends. No",he replied. I felt my heart ache for the first time in 18 years of my life. I felt like I was suf...
Constance by Crcravers
Constanceby A.L.H
It is without a doubt that, in other circumstances, a young lady such as Constance Ainsley would be entirely doomed from birth... Born into a world of luxury, pleasantri...
My Dearest Blue by MajestieAnneStyles
My Dearest Blueby Majestie Styles
A Young Princess is trapped among 400,000 other men on the shores of Dunkirk. Even though escaping her death and being captured by the Nazis. She lives to tell the story...
things that were left unsaid by user38332651
things that were left unsaidby
To all the people who pause to think, Wish I could stop the clock and say all this to you ,wish I had never left you "UNSAID"
Anyone else. by Itz_Kashf
Anyone K
Written on 30th of October 2019
Mysterious Albee by Mikheeal
Mysterious Albeeby Mikheeal_s
A young man, who can't find himself within all the people he helps to cure himself from doubts.
Connected Through Love  by AshleyKimble8
Connected Through Love by Ashley Kimble
This is a story of two people who met across the seas, but when it came time for the guy to come back home he had to leave the love of his life in her home town. Watch a...
A Change of Heart by jasmine_diaz21
A Change of Heartby jasmine Diaz
This takes place in world war II and there is a soldier that writes in his journal where he write his experiences in the consideration camp. HE meets this little Jewish...
MHANH: Worlds Apart by Naruto_Legion
MHANH: Worlds Apartby kei_kage
(Fanfic) Mishima is the protagonist of this story. The world where she lives will change soon...
World is Falling Apart by XtoughchickX
World is Falling Apartby XtoughchickX
World may not be perfect but it is what makes it imperfect that matters