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Spiderson one-shots with a twist  by Death_cat003
Spiderson one-shots with a twist by Death_cat003^~^
A bunch of basic Peter and the avengers one-shots with a fucking twist what could it be well it's Deadpool so yep request are accepted
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The Wolf Girl by itx_jane
The Wolf Girlby Mia Jane
This story is about the little girl named Laura Kinney. She was born in wolf year and she is mutants. She got experiment by her doctor, Jason. When she is 14 years old...
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Parker's Bodyguard by MrsNarrator
Parker's Bodyguardby Mrs. Narrator
deadpool x spiderman I don't ship Tom Holland and him because that's kinda Pedophilia, but I'm still using Tom Holland's but he is going to be a little older. Also Deadp...
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Avengers Oneshots [Requests Open] by QueenForUnknown
Avengers Oneshots [Requests Open]by AnotherAuthor
Avengers oneshots, of course, which will mostly circle around spiderson and irondad things. Just a ton of cute stuff, and some sad things too. All are my own writings.
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BULLETPROOF ✧  by JustFromQueens
BULLETPROOF ✧ by Spider-Man ♡
🕸; 🕷 " Kiss me, dumbass." Peter said bluntly, biting his lip to contain a wide smile. " So romantic. Makes my Canadian blood boil." He hummed, c...
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Wretched and Divine by TheEddsworldTrashbag
Wretched and Divineby TheEddsworldTrashbag
wretched (of a person) in a very unhappy or unfortunate state. divine of or like God or a god. Yes this title is a Hozier song. The story doesn't get edgy until the four...
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avengers chats, imagines & preferences  by sincerelyxcami
avengers chats, imagines & prefere...by cami 🦋
chats , imagines & preferences filled with your favorite hero's <3 " it's always me and you and you and me and the avengers team DO DO DO DO " *ALL CHARACTE...
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Finding Mr Stark. by jessycake2017
Finding Mr Stark.by Desmond Sycamore
Tony's gone missing. And now it's up to his two daughters, friends and enemies to team up and uncover what's happened to him and where he went. But something is happeni...
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Avengers Oneshots by Ares192837465
Avengers Oneshotsby Night raider
EVERYTHING BELONGS TO STAN LEE I OWN NOTHING!!! I will not write: Stony Starker Thorki Clintasha straight ships Incest Smut/sex
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Surprise Peter Parker x reader by Diamondtea
Surprise Peter Parker x readerby 🎈Vi🎈
y/n Hardy, is your average 17 year old girl. She has her few friends, She's nice,Hardworking, Smart, and gets good grades. . . I know what your going to say. "Wait...
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CIVIL WAR  (  avengers chatrooms  ) by CHERRI-COLA
CIVIL WAR ( avengers chatrooms )by -`𝐜´-
⠀𝘊𝘐𝘝𝘐𝘓 𝘞𝘈𝘙 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐥 , ━━ 🍒·˚ ༘ ♡༉∘·˚ ❨ in which cherri shows the crackheads we call avengers ❩ ━━🍒·˚ ༘ ♡༉∘·˚ ☆ 𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘪 ☆
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Frank Castle x Matt Murdock One-Shots! by GarrenceIsDahBest
Frank Castle x Matt Murdock One-Sh...by Marvel Gay Is Da Way
Will include fluff, angst, smut, hurt\comfort, alpha\omega dynamics, crack, homophobic language, swearing, torture, con\rape, PTSD, sensory overloads, and lots and lots...
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Avengers Preferences. by sstone11
Avengers Preferences.by sstone11
this preference book includes: Tony Stark/ iron man Steve Rogers/ captain America Bruce Banner/ Hulk Thor Odinson Clint Barton/ Hawkeye Peter Parker/ Spider-man Loki l...
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Three's A Crowd: A Peter Parker Sequel by MarvelGeek3000
Three's A Crowd: A Peter Parker Se...by Amelia Stark~
This is the sequel to The Coffee Intern: A Peter Parker Story --- After Wade Wilson ruins Peter Parker's wedding, he does even more damage by ruining his marriage. Peter...
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Mercenary Webs by Muckino
Mercenary Websby Muckino
Peter Parker usually has things figured out but when a red leather wearing menace makes him go into a crime crisis, he starts to slowly drift off. Not only with the stru...
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Sorry Not Sorry || Spideypool  by mr-stark
Sorry Not Sorry || Spideypool by Tony Stark
Tony Stark doesnt know what love is himself so why does he keep saying Peter cant love Wade?
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Superfamily  by multishowsbands
Superfamily by multishowsbands
What happens when Tony feels a connection to a kid going through the the same pain he did growing up with no father. Will peter finally find a family.
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Between The Raindrops by Jdaniels369
Between The Raindropsby Kittylover
Emily is now six years old and Peter and Deadpool are expecting once again. Despite this situation, they're having issues. When they think there's no hope for their poss...
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Marvel One Shots (Requests Open) by the-end-of-the-line
Marvel One Shots (Requests Open)by the-end-of-the-line
Marvel One Shots I'm comfortable writing anything, just message me a request :)
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ADOPTED SPIDERby ValkyrieRider
Peter and his superfamily.
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