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why the hell am i the villain by Ainalovesyaoi
why the hell am i the villainby bl lover
"so i am gonna die like this" "please if there is any god up there please give my brother another chance where he could live happily" "poor chil...
I said I was only going to save her [BL] [Hiatus] by KingOfRottenHearts
I said I was only going to save Ego
Kenji Hiroto was a genius 16-year old who was bored with life. everything was boring for him. He was from a rich household but it wasn't perfect his father was power-hun...
My Yandare Villain Hubby by PurpleAce15
My Yandare Villain Hubbyby Lyn Panaligan
Yuri was your typical high school kid who spend most of her time reading manhua and novels. One day she meet the fate of most characters in esikai novels, she reincarnat...
I'm A Supporting Character!? by Dain_shenfor
I'm A Supporting Character!?by Daine ☄️
Jade Avilleria, a businessman's daughter, an actress who learned everything just to get her father's attention ngunit sa lahat nang yon her father still busy managing t...
The Will Of A Villainess by bilaputrimulyadi
The Will Of A Villainessby @Owen_Lu
Twisted Wonderland X Villainess Mc Like a dream they never stop whispering, in seduction full of deceit and ill will... The black shadows are now approaching, slowly cre...
Catherine: I Will Not Play the Villainess by Ricecake1993
Catherine: I Will Not Play the Ricecake1993
Android Umber, a retired Assassin Unit, has transmigrated into another world into the body of a novel's unhinged antagonist, Catherine Valence. "I did not approve o...
reincarnation story of an assassin by maefitzgerald20
reincarnation story of an assassinby smriti pai
My name is Alice Warren. I was an assassin in my previous life but now I've reincarnated in my fellow assassin's favourite otome game 'Romance at Willow Academy'. I do...
NOWAY! by mikiinic
NOWAY!by mikiinic
it all started when a certain girl woke up in a very different place "this is a school?" "whose house is that?!" "MARRIED?!NO WAY!" "...
I made a cringy novel better! Isekai story, cover picture doesn't belong to me! by Horror_Lore
I made a cringy novel better! Horror_Lore
Ameila wakes up in the worst novel she's ever read, and not just that, but as a mostly blind girl who is murdered early on?!
The villainess an android (English version) by luisalgomarquez
The villainess an android ( luisalgomarquez
Eliza de la Vega e Ybarra is a young and ambitious noblewoman recently married to the son of an English duke her goals are to climb the social ladder at any cost that ro...
Rebirth As The Villaines Daughter  by black_serinity
Rebirth As The Villaines Daughter by black_serinity
Priscilla is a great hero in her pastlife. As she will be reborn again she will going to face hard trials.
My Reincarnation as a Villainess by psycodealer
My Reincarnation as a Villainessby Dd
this is a story about a girl who is reincarnated into a rich lady and how she survives. This story takes place in the old days.
Ben Bu Kitabın Kötü Karakteriyim by sayonararara
Ben Bu Kitabın Kötü Karakteriyimby Miss Marsupilami
'İmparatorun Kılıcı' Önceki hayatımda okumaktan zevk aldığım bir fantastik aşk romanıydı. Onu diğer romanlardan farklı kılan şeyi sorsalar muhtemelen ana karakterin apta...
Reincarted In A Otome Game With My Twin by akane_uchiha13
Reincarted In A Otome Game With Rosi De la Rosa
They were sisters in their past life, living in an average family, but them one day truck-san came and send them to another world. The world of an otome game. "Wai...