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Broken (Viktor x Reader) by WanderPastMe
Broken (Viktor x Reader)by Aaron
(Lazy cover until I get the energy to change it to my own) It's been years since Vander's death and the Undercity has never been so desperate. Good people resort to murd...
Ink & Ashes // Arcane Fanfiction Viktor x Reader by birchbtw
Ink & Ashes // Arcane Fanfiction birch
For all you Viktor simps xoxo There's an appalling lack of Viktor stuff on here so 𝓋ℴ𝒾𝓁𝒶! Have some classic cheesy x reader fanfic. Enjoy. (If you wanna skip the vve...
Muj Milacek | Viktor Arcane x Reader by Tired-Truffle
Muj Milacek | Viktor Arcane x Tired-Truffle
[Featured on Wattpad @ Best of Outreach - Hidden Gems] Complete! You're spinning, lost in an endless sea of vibrant blue and electric buzzing. You feel weightless as if...
Arcane x reader oneshots [Request Temporarily Closed] by Al_6666
Arcane x reader oneshots [ Planet 🪐
Arcane Oneshots Characters: Ekko Jinx Vi Catlyin Mel Viktor Jayce Silco Mylo Vander Calggor If want to request something for another character them just ask *This is...
Yuri On Ice x Reader Collection by Natthealleycat
Yuri On Ice x Reader Collectionby Nat the Alley Cat
Just some one shots about the Ice Skating boys that have stolen my heart ((Warning: if it does not include Viktor or Yuuri as the love interest, they could be a couple.)...
Yuri!! On ice- One Shots by GLEfiction
Yuri!! On ice- One Shotsby Glee
I'll do some X readers, and some a few Victuuri oneshots. I I hope everyone enjoys! XD
The Prince Meets His Princess// Victor x Reader by wetjebetje
The Prince Meets His Princess// Pillow-Senpai
(Y/n) is very known skater, by the blunder she made last year. But what happens if her Russian idol starts to have interests in her to be her coach? And more? Same stor...
Wonder | благоговение | Viktor Nikiforov by __catsukii
Wonder | благоговение | Viktor oriana
| Viktor Nikiforov x Female!Reader | "Me? In love with Viktor; the Viktor Nikiforov? How troublesome."
Love on the Ice (Victor Nikiforov Love Story) by KatherineIn
Love on the Ice (Victor KatherineIn
At the age of six, Katerina Samarina had moved to Russia with her family. She hated ice skating. Everything changed when she met Victor Nikiforov. He taught her to love...
(Y/n) on ice (Victor X reader) by Edge_L0rd12
(Y/n) on ice (Victor X reader)by Edge_L0rd12
You have loved skating for a long time,the reason why is because of your idol....Viktor Nikiforov. You are friends with Yuri and Yuko and you are all his fan but you are...
Viktor Nikiforov x Reader - One Shots by kaccactus
Viktor Nikiforov x Reader - One aria
Dᴀɴᴄɪɴɢ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʙʟᴀᴅᴇs﹐ ʏᴏᴜ sᴇᴛ ᴍʏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ ᴏɴ ғɪʀᴇ. ↠ A collection of one-shots + one short story of Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! On Ice and the readers. 《Thank you so muc...
[REQUESTS OPEN] Various Male Characters x Male!/Trans FTM! Reader by goldenoreopubs
[REQUESTS OPEN] Various Male GoldenOreoPublications
[REPEAT REQUESTS ARE OPEN] I haven't seen too many of these and decided to make one! I have a list of the fandoms that I will be doing and that you can request from, but...
Fools by MESparks
Foolsby MESparks
The Snow Leopard had been ruling the Women's circuit for years, winning her first Grand Prix at only 16. Wearing a mysterious mask only made her more popular, as the yea...
yuri on ice | imagines (main trio) by maru-kou
yuri on ice | imagines (main trio)by aiko's
yuri on ice | imagines (main trio) ~|REQUESTS ARE CLOSED|~ (recommendations before reading: read in the font of source sans pro, font size; 2) Hello! Uh, one question. H...
Yuri on Ice x Reader (One Shots) by nagiasu
Yuri on Ice x Reader (One Shots)by Nagi Asu
A collection of Yuri on Ice x Reader one shots. (REQUESTS ARE OPEN) You can request any Yuri on Ice character but NO lemons. I will accept any constructive criticism...
Healing Us by Haru-yuki21
Healing Usby Haru-yuki21
Ever since Sky died at the expense of Viktor's experiment, (Y/N) struggles to work with her colleague or even look at him. She knows it's his fault and nothing can ever...
Confection - Viktor x Reader by 4everGone
Confection - Viktor x Readerby gay emo
Who knew Viktor loved sweets? me. I did. When your "friend" Viktor stopped coming to your cafe you got suspicious. You being the good friend you are decide to...
Nightmares Yandere Yuri!!! On ice x Reader by Kim-Yoosung
Nightmares Yandere Yuri!!! On Yoosung
You're a old friend of Yuuri Katsuki and visit him. However a few things went wrong and your stuck in Japan where you meet some of his friends and other people. But the...
Pagophobia [Viktor x Reader] by ElleOfDoom
Pagophobia [Viktor x Reader]by ElleOfDoom
You're a figure skater who's temporarily off the ice due to an accident that broke your leg the day before the free skate of the Grand Prix final. A year and a half has...
muse- young! silco x reader by passionateimaginer
muse- young! silco x readerby noxus
He was going to regret this later, but if he was going to spiral down memory lane, he might as well go back to the beginning-back to where it all started, to the night w...