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Venatrix II by queenrihbih
Venatrix IIby queenrihbih
"I love you, I really do Kendall," Brett tried to convince me, tears welling up in his eyes. "Why didn't you save me?" I asked, tears falling down. B...
Venatrix's Junk Drawer by The_TWOS_Team
Venatrix's Junk Drawerby TWOS
Much randomness. Such weirdness. So drawer. //No touchie unless your name is Venatrix.// //Cover made by moi// //Hunter of Artemis made by @AwkwardLlama_1305//
VENATRIX [ON HOLD]  by Suainsomnies
One thing she values is what comes in the future; the present does not appeal to her since she believes that the future is what we hang onto. A huntress who was notoriou...
The Boon & Bane [Teen Wolf] by Amorist_Love
The Boon & Bane [Teen Wolf]by Amorist_Love
Years of peace and buried secrets quickly unravelled when Karmaia Hellion and her mother, Delilah Hellion moved back to a small town called Beacon Hills. Instead of a q...