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Crank'n Love | CrankGameplays Fanfic by xenaxqm
Crank'n Love | CrankGameplays Fanf...by xena!!
You have been Mark's best friend since freshman year of high school, and met through your older brother, so you both go way back. You both room together in a decent size...
Crankiplier smut one-shots by DirtAndBones
Crankiplier smut one-shotsby Dirt.
its what the title says lol. I'll try to update at least once a week. But no promises. Also most of this is from Ethan's point of view sorry-
Unus Annus AU by Nightstar36
Unus Annus AUby Tux
Someone who loves Unus Annus realizes she only lives down the road from mark. She becomes part of the channel, but will she live happily ever after? And what will happen...
Soft Boy by xox_emo_boy_xox
Soft Boyby Vashten
Ethan is a little. He has told no one. His girlfriend found out and left him. He wanted to have a caregiver but the only person he wanted he was scared to tell. Besides...
𝕀𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤 by asgardian_angel_
𝕀𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤by Blue Echo
The title describes it all! Hope you enjoy :)
thanks mark           ethan nestor x reader  by strongerin3
thanks mark ethan nestor...by strongerin3
y/n is in LA growing her youtube channel. she befriends her long time hero markiplier and he introduces her to his friend, ethan. she can't help but fall head over heels...
crankgameplays by expiredsuna
crankgameplaysby expiredsamu
this is my first x reader story so sorry if it's bad. This gets interesting lmao please don't steal or copy my story without my permission. no hate please.
Loving On You by no_face_no
Loving On Youby zombie wife
this is all the smut I know of youtubers in one MASSIVE junkyard. knock yourself out ;)
Would You Run? Crankiplier high school AU by Boku_no_plier_1020
Would You Run? Crankiplier high sc...by ✨Em✨
Ethan is a badass emo, Mark is a bully Jock, and shit happens man idk read more to find out TW: homophobic slurs, mentions of self harm and there will probably be smut
31 Days of CrankGamePlays by juliacoller
31 Days of CrankGamePlaysby Julia Coller
If you can read the title, you can figure this out. Literally, 31 days of EEF smut.
Corpse Husband X Readers by FandomWild
Corpse Husband X Readersby FandomWild
The man with the deep voice falling in love with you a million times in a million different ways, aka X Readers/Oneshots. Also a continuous high school love story betwee...
Crankiplier One Shots by Memento_Mori_420
Crankiplier One Shotsby Memento_Mori_420
Crankiplier one shots with descriptions before each chapter *sensitive topics* *smut* I take requests
crankgameplays angst by gay_faguette
crankgameplays angstby gay_faguette
⚠️TW'S⚠️ -self harm -attempted suicide -self hatred -dysmorphia -eating disorder -anxiety -panic attack -swearing -yelling ⚠️TW'S⚠️ this story is about eathan, he is a...
Crank'n Love - What Comes Next | CrankGameplays FanFiction by xenaxqm
Crank'n Love - What Comes Next | C...by xena!!
[SEQUEL/BOOK 2] After what had happened at the funeral, it changed your life forever. You had forgotten what made you the person you are today. Things get rough and othe...
Sadness Hotline || Ethan Nestor x Reader by CyanideTeeth
Sadness Hotline || Ethan Nestor x...by jax
Y/n: hey is this the sadness hotline ???: no I'm sorry it's not, but what's wrong? TW: DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, SELF HARM
Crank'n Love - Summer Special | CrankGameplays Fanfiction by xenaxqm
Crank'n Love - Summer Special | Cr...by xena!!
Crazy years long for rest and relaxation. Mark, Ethan, Amy, Seán, and more friends decide you need a break. You stay at a nice beach house for the summer and have fun al...
Crankiplier Oneshots by Peachyxfuzz
Crankiplier Oneshotsby Peachyx
Um idk what to put here, the title describes it. This is the crankgameplaysxMarkiplier ship btw so if you don't like it don't read it, also I am in no way trying to impl...
running on empty by cowboy_casey
running on emptyby Stinky Rat Man
Ethan glared at the package of chips halfheartedly, desperately trying to keep his hands from reaching out and tearing the bag open as though his life depended on not ea...
Unus Annus quotes by BitchyBoi69
Unus Annus quotesby Pricky_Douchebag
quotes from Unus Annus Might be some quotes from the camera crew (e.g. Amy and Evan) some quotes may not be suitable for kids due to some of the videos. I do not work o...
MarkiSPYer by TurkeyMigz
MarkiSPYerby Migz
Mark Fischbach was an ordinary, goofy, and lovable YouTuber until a package appeared at his doorstep. Little did he know that it would set his entire life on a different...