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They Could Never Guess by dystopial
They Could Never Guessby Kip
Gage eats lies for breakfast. At Jeffrey Scott High School, gossip is a competitive sport, and she can't seem to win. At least she's not alone on the field; problem chil...
The Diary Of A Teenage Girl [COMPLETED] by siennafreya
The Diary Of A Teenage Girl [COMPL...by Sisi
Being a teenager is tough, and that's before you factor in the boys, jealous exes and developmental issues. -------------------------------------- "Hello? Who is th...
🔱Novas Awards 2020 Edition🔱 by NovaEmpire0
🔱Novas Awards 2020 Edition🔱by 🔱Nova Empire🔱
Open (🔱) Judging (🔱 ) Closed ( ) Novas awards helps new books under 1k reads get recognition, so if your book is under 1k reads then this is the right place for you. B...
The Hashmarked Girl by OkMeghan
The Hashmarked Girlby Meghan O. K.
5 years ago, they used her as a human test subject. Her skin is marked with reminders and the side effects still linger, the past haunting her as she tries to lead a no...
Best Served Cold by SpencerFantastic
Best Served Coldby SpencerFantastic
They say Alabama's first serial killer claimed his first victim in 1985, but I was killing a full year before he was born. You've probably never heard of me, but that's...
In Too Deep by AJIR2234
In Too Deepby AJIR2234
Harper always felt like she was drowning in pain. Her past always seemed to haunt her. Day and Night. All she wanted to do was get away from it all: The Group home Her m...
Pine Trees and the Ocean by annabaum123
Pine Trees and the Oceanby Anna Baum
Fiona is just an average girl with a crush. But what she doesn't realize is that her life is about to be turned upside down when she is scouted by a model agency; is thi...
Words Left Unsaid by awrxtxr
Words Left Unsaidby isa déla
Hana never thought she would lose her mother so soon. As she tries to work her way through grief, loneliness and sorrow, she meets Zacharia, who is her polar opposite. E...
Generation K 2.5 by houseoftales20
Generation K 2.5by House of Tales
Rachel Lawless is a girl who enjoys journaling, working at her summer job, and has a knack for adventure. Adventure to her includes being the representative for the Exo...
Eternity & Always by sillygurl94
Eternity & Alwaysby Maddy Rosati
Imogen Rute is a city girl looking to move away for college from a terrible home life and the death of her mother. College life is going great until Imogen finds out abo...
The Age of Attachment (disc.) by lustatlast
The Age of Attachment (disc.)by Tina
When Darcy begins her final year of graduate school she makes the easy assumption that her focus will be entirely on her studies and the college course she gets to teach...
Generation K by houseoftales20
Generation Kby House of Tales
"Welcome to Generation K-Pop!" Generation K is a story about ten teens who juggle their love for K-Pop with their current existing world. Filled with crazines...
You will Reach 1K haum by Haum95
You will Reach 1K haumby Haum -on break
Because i know how sometime the reads number on a story encourage more readers to read and how it is hard for a writer to gain them. I decided to make a book for you to...
Glass by elise_in_wonder
Glassby E. Thomas
Adrik wished he was living a nightmare. His grandpa just passed away, his parents are getting a divorce, and he has to move to a completely foreign part of the country...
Short Story Anthology by OkMeghan
Short Story Anthologyby Meghan O. K.
Random short stories, contest entries, etc. that I have written that have no other home for now.
Love Thy Neighbor by tales_and_tea
Love Thy Neighborby tales_and_tea
Sophie Carter has two main focuses in life: work and education. Nothing gets in her way.. except the endless, rowdy parties from her upstairs neighbor. When she finds ou...
Contests by ProjectBEdiscovered
Contestsby UNdiscoveredBEdiscovered
This is all about the contests to help you get discovered