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White as Snow | Paul Lahote by rishwrites
White as Snow | Paul Lahoteby rishwrites
Sarah Kaniehtiio's life was finally on track, or so it felt. Until her parents announced that they were moving. Again. Only this time it was permanent. At first, she hat...
Twilight Wolf Pack Preferences by deep3r
Twilight Wolf Pack Preferencesby deep3r
Preferences about all of the Twilight Wolf Pack.
Running With Wolves by IDoNotDie
Running With Wolvesby Mars
Charlotte-Anne Swan, known to Forks, Washington and surrounding area as 'Little Charlie', 'Charlie II', or simply as 'Junior', may not have been close to her little sist...
Chasing Flame by IDoNotDie
Chasing Flameby Mars
Sequel to Running With Wolves. Between training her sister in the ways of vampire hunting, training to fight a vampire army with a pack of shifter wolves and a coven of...
a girl with nightmares (twilight wolfpack imprint) by yoLostinlife
a girl with nightmares (twilight yoLostinlife
a girl with the name of Sara Lance comes to live in the small Native American Reservation of La Push. she is a relative of the Blacks and Clearwaters, she comes to live...
Unexpected Love by izzie_irene
Unexpected Loveby BLACK LIVES MATTER
Luna Uley is the younger sister of Sam Uley Very slow updates
Mixed Imprint by Angel_Renee69
Mixed Imprintby Angel Anderson-Gilliard
What happens when the daughter of Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black meets the wolf pack for the first time in her life? Well, you'll see...
The Howling • Jacob Black by lady-salvatore
The Howling • Jacob Blackby holly
"For the strength of the Pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the Pack." Ruby is a survivor. She's crafty, covert, and one of the last of her ki...
Sam Uley by WhyDontWe46
Sam Uleyby WeasleyWife201
Sky Black is Jacobs little sister. WHAT happens when she meets the Alpha of the pack Sam. Will they fall in love or will they hate each other will Emily get in the way...
Full Moon: Quil's Story by VixL2134
Full Moon: Quil's Storyby VixL
All Quil Ateara V cares about is spending time with his mom, grandpa, and two best friends, but when all the people around him start to leave, he's left to wonder who he...
CORDUROY 💋e.cullen  by -vampiredaddy
CORDUROY 💋e.cullen by kara !
"I HATE YOU, EMMETT CULLEN!" in which a normally mundane summer suddenly turns around with the arrival of the mysterious cullen family and the illness that now...
Love me (twilight love) by dreamergirl245
Love me (twilight love)by Dreamergirl245
Akalia montovee (a-Kay-Leah mon-toy-a-vee) moved to la push Washington to get away from her old life. She goes to the beach one day to sketch and meets Sam Uley (before...
We mates deal with it by millycake23
We mates deal with itby millycake23
After the imprint of there love ones they chose to leave there life behind and move on with there life but thought. There is a catch these aren't any normal wolf and va...
Commit: A Seth Clearwater fanfic by SnowballSweetie32
Commit: A Seth Clearwater fanficby SnowballSweetie32
Just another cringey (but hopefully enjoyable) Seth Clearwater fanfic. To be more specific, it's a slow burn, recently turned Cullen x Seth (no creepy age gap here😤✊🏻)
My Characters by Woody809080
My Charactersby Saracasm is my life
This is a book of all my OCs and characters other people have created. This is a book for my original work and fanfictions.
Red Moon: Twilight Saga Wolf Pack by EclipsedWolf666
Red Moon: Twilight Saga Wolf Packby EclipsedWolf666
Am I not worth this? Is there something wrong with me. Why do I fight when it would be easier to run and never do running. Why do I hide when I should be standing my gro...