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Dark Skies and Bright Stars by cantsoell
Dark Skies and Bright Starsby i EMBARRASS myself
My name is Craig Tucker. Fuck you. This book needs a description, and since this is mostly about me, and Tweek but it'd probably be too much pressure for him, I suppose...
Two Idiots One Bed by LunarLowlife
Two Idiots One Bedby Lunar Lowlife
Tolkein, now trusted by his parents to go by himself, invites his friends to the summer resort that his family travels to every year. He decides to bring along seven of...
love like you (creek) by tweekbestboi
love like you (creek)by ivy
tweek just arrived to south park. craig is that one kid who has no interests in forming any kind of relationship, but little did he know that his world is gonna complete...
Creek One shots. by GirlyCorpse
Creek One GirlyCorpse
One-shots and some short stories. Mostly Fluff! And maybe some AU's in the future. ----A summary for every one shot, so you'll know why the weird title------------
Creek oneshots!!!!!! by pureleafteaisgood
Creek oneshots!!!!!!by pureleafteaisgood
Probably nothing too bad in this sorry, maybe some sexual mentions and a bit of angst. I'll put a warning before the chapter. (FANART IS NOT MINE I'M SORRY I DONT REMEM...
Through A Window | Tweek x Craig by majestickittycat
Through A Window | Tweek x Craigby Inactive
Ever had that kid in the back of the classroom that nobody liked or seemed to acknowledge because they were so different? Tweek Tweak was one of those kids. The nobody...
Anything For You [Creek] by Craig95
Anything For You [Creek]by CraigT
Seeing Craig as a bad influence, Tweek's parents would never accept him as their son's partner. Craig is willing to do anything to change this.
15 days~ Tweek x Craig (creek) by idktomanyships
15 days~ Tweek x Craig (creek)by 1yearofcreek
A lot of things can be done in 15 days. Getting someone to like you in that amount of time? Is it possible? (Both are 16 in this!!!)
Coffee Shop - Creek Fanfic by EdgyCinnamonRoll25
Coffee Shop - Creek Fanficby Sophie
It started with his parents getting sick from random diseases, and it eventually led to him taking most of the day shifts for them. With Tweek's parents frail and someti...
Creek One-Shots by DontTrustAnyOneAtAll
Creek One-Shotsby Teddylirirous
South Park Characters Craig Tucker X Tweek Tweak One-Shots. Open To Requests. Art By AppleMiner.
Creek fluff (Tweek x Craig) by Southparkfan_xox
Creek fluff (Tweek x Craig)by Olivia
Cute little fluffy ones shots. If you love Tweek and Craig together, then you'll love this book! Includes: Fluff! Smut! Sickfics! Kidfics! (Kinda) REQUESTS OPEN!
The Jewish Butler - Kyman Fanfic by EdgyCinnamonRoll25
The Jewish Butler - Kyman Fanficby Sophie
When Kyle finds himself poor and in debt with a sick mother, he resorts to a job he dreaded of doing; becoming a butler. He's hopeless, with the fear of his mother dying...
creek coffee shop au☆ by mitsubahasacamera
creek coffee shop au☆by aaaaaaaa
the stereotypical coffee shop au, with tweek and craig in the mix ╰┈➤this is also posted on my ao3 account ! swear warning !
what happens after school - creek by HopOnMyIHop
what happens after school - creekby gay gay homosexual
Craig is forced to join an after school club by his parents. He's annoyed but does he really have a choice? He chooses the Film club cause he likes movies so... why not...
Soulmate Tattoos by Power_Courage_Wisdom
Soulmate Tattoosby (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
Everyone is obsessed with one thing in this world and that's finding their soulmate. I don't care, as a matter of fact, I don't believe in these tattoos. You love someon...
Senior Year ~ South Park AU by kylezjewfro_
Senior Year ~ South Park AUby Gabrielle Tweak
Craig Tucker has it all. Scholarships, bitches and popularity. Two days before the first day of Senior year he meets a boy name Tweek Tweak. He secretly falls head over...
God blessed me  by inkycraig
God blessed me by Inkypinku
As Pastor Craig finishes another fulfilling day singing his heart out in the community church in the town of South Park, he happens to find something odd that will lead...
Craig x tweek pictures  by TheHighnessesBooks
Craig x tweek pictures by TheHighnessesBooks
Warning: there going to be Lots sexual in these pics and other rough stuff if you know what I mean (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (lol xD) But don't worry there will be other cute things t...
The Muted Boy  by lilyfssk
The Muted Boy by lilyfssk
(COVER IS NOT MINE) This book is about tweek tweak being muted. He never laughed,smiled,talked or say something. He always got bullied at school cause he was muted,but...