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Aly-Oops! by champ613
Aly-Oops!by champ613
***Sequel to Beyond Average*** SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DID NOT FINISH BEYOND AVERAGE™!!!! ©2017 [Image Description of cover: blue and green striped background with the...
Life - For Those Who Need to Relate by Kyndra0_0
Life - For Those Who Need to Relateby Kaitala
This is real life struggles like anxiety and Tourettes that I and probably many other people deal with. These are my real inscurrities, so please just keep that in mind...
Ticci-Toby x Female Tourettes Reader by Hippie_Sage
Ticci-Toby x Female Tourettes Sage
A story about a girl with tourettes whos best friend was missing until one eventful birthday. What will happen? Who will she meet? Find out by reading on.
Those who slept forever by AldodelleRose
Those who slept foreverby Aldo delle Rose
The last moments of life of a traveler who, together with his companions, almost destroyed the world out of fear. A tale of envy and presumption unknown to most that inv...
How we became a tragedy (A Ticci Toby Fanfiction) by Nico_Le_Philoup
How we became a tragedy (A Ticci Pheel Hadesson
I am a mess. My mental health is a mess. My family is a mess. My speech is a mess. My social life is a mess. My whole life is a mess. My name is Tobias Erin Rogers. The...
Shelter by Roy Berger  complete by RoyBerger
Shelter by Roy Berger completeby Roy Berger
A helpless happy man warns people about NASA, blue lasers and to worship the Virgin Mary.
annoyance ( On Hitaus) by ginoinlove
annoyance ( On Hitaus)by okaeri♡♡
a poor boy named akero ( 12) grew up protected by his brothers hes not aloud to go to party's or sleep overs and privacy on his phone akero is liked at school and doesn...
Tourette Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments by vivahealthylife
Tourette Syndrome: Causes,
Tourette's syndrome is a disorder that causes uncontrollable movements and vocal sounds called tics. It often shows up in early childhood and improves in adulthood. Tics...
Fact About Different Mental, Neurological and Chronic Illnesses by aslrmx
Fact About Different Mental, 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 ;)
Mental Health Awareness. In this book I will talk about various mental, neurological and chronic illness, from the most common to the least. Education and ignorance abou...
Ecos Incontrolables by laneurodivergencia
Ecos Incontrolablesby La Neurodivergencia
En una ciudad donde todo parece normal, Luna vive en constante turbulencia. Desde que era niña, ha tenido tics incontrolables, sonidos que no puede reprimir y movimiento...
The Legend of Lord Feebleritz by PMPennington
The Legend of Lord Feebleritzby P.M. Pennington
Having your body shake, contort and jump uncontrollably is so difficult to deal with. The sounds that are uttered as you tic can shock people. Living with Tourette Syndr...
Front Of My Class  [ Klaine Fanfiction ] by ExploreMonogamy-
Front Of My Class [ Klaine Sabrina~♡
Kurt has tourette's syndrome. Teacher!Blaine. Still working on a more intriguing summary, Hahaha.
Tourette by JoeyGraceffaBigfan
Touretteby JoeyGraceffaBigFan
Joey was a normal boy who had Tourette he says weird things and has attacks.Daniel his boyfriend helps him and protects him.Joey was very said that it was so painful tha...
deku has tourettes by h3lpbunny
deku has tourettesby Salwa Zahi
deku is a boy who is trying to be a hero will his tics stop him or read to find ou
A Solid Heart by XxKlutzyShellyxX
A Solid Heartby Michelle
Sabra Fritz has TS. When she has an opportunity to show that she is just like the other kids, she has to learn to avoid prejudice and the complications that comes with...
My name is Daniel by Nethaniel2
My name is Danielby Nethaniel2
A twelve year old boy named Daniel Cohen has just started the sixth grade. He is rather shy and introverted but also has a condition called Tourette Syndrome, which make...
The Inevitable by Aya252
The Inevitableby @BattleBruises
While Nate Silver was trying to learn how to cope, how to grieve with his his father's death, life didn't get any easy on him. life keeps knocking him down every damn...